The Methi leaves have an earthy, grassy look , they are slightly bitter in taste, but very nutritious. When cooked, the bitterness becomes less obvious and blends in with everything else.

Methi leaves have high water content; and adding salt to chopped Methi leaves and tender stems will help draw out the water and neutralize much of the bitter flavor in the leaves. Before using, squeeze the excess water from the leaves to remove bitterness and additional salt, alternatively one can boil the methi too .

In Asian cooking the seeds , leaves, both fresh and dried, are used to flavour curries, dals, rotis and all sort of dishes.One can even freeze the boiled methi leaves.

The dried version is called Kasuri Methi and it can be substituted for fresh leaves . This is readily available in the market and you can soak 1 tsp of dried methi to yield 1 tbsp of methi leaves .

Methi seeds as well as Methi leaves both have health benefits . You could read in detail here.

Here is a collection of Healthy and Delicious Methi Recipes which include a variety of curries , side dishes , rice and even flatbreads.


Recipes from Archana

Methi Muthia
When I made methi muthia I wanted to try making the gravy to go with fulkas. The blend of the spices and the tangy tomato gravy is amazingly delicious.

Methi Daal
Methi Dal the delicious way of pepping up plain old dal with fresh fenugreek leaves. Takes away the boring feature of same old dal and get leafy veggies . In place of methi try using palak, rajgira, chavli, or drumstick leaves.

Baked Methi Mathri
Fresh Methi Crackers Baked ( Baked Methi Mathri) is a healthier baked version of the Indian savoury cracker Methi Mathri.

Nutritious Bajra and Methi Parathas
Nutritious Bajra and Methi Parathas are iron-rich with a wealth of fibre too. Bajra also Pearl Millet and is generally consumed during the winter so when there is an abundance of methileaves aka fenugreek leaves try making this paratha.

Methi Mattar Vegetarian Biryani
Did I say I did not expect anyone to like this Biryani? Yes, I did not , but it was loved by my family .



Recipes from Bhawna

Methi Chi Bhaji

Methi chi bhaji is a Maharashtrian dish which is simple to make, healthy and very tasty with chapati. Half cooked moong dal with fenugreek, using ginger, garlic, and green chilies all it takes to cook. Fresh leaves are best to make this sabji.

Aloo-Gobhi WIth Methi/Potato

Adding methi leaves in normal aloo gobhi sabji takes it to another level of taste. Do check this aloo gobhi with methi recipe.



Recipes from Harini


Paneer Methi Chaman
A quick and easy sabji with shredded paneer and fresh methi leaves. It is perfect for the lunch box and goes well with roti/naan.

Little Millet Methi Paneer Pulao
A fantastic pulao with Little millet with the flavors of methi leaves and paneer. It is perfect if rice is to be avoided.

Bajra Methi Poori
This is a very rustic version of masala puri with bajra flour, wheat flour, methi leaves and spices.

Steamed Methi Muthia
A classic healthy Gujarati snack with the sweet, spicy and tangy flavors made with whole wheat flour, Chickpea flour, methi leaves and spices.

Methi Mango Daal
This is a classic and traditional dal from Andhra and is a must have in the summer months when sour raw mangoes are abundantly available. Made with toor dal, raw mangoes, this is perfect with steamed rice and a dollop of ghee. Comfort food at its best.




Recipes from Mayuri

Methi Naan
Adding fenugreek leaves to naan adds a wonderful earthy taste. Add on top or incorporate in the dough.

Bajri Methi Vada
This famous Gujarati snack is loved by the young and old. It is a great way to add fresh fenugreek to a kid’s diet.

Bajri Dhebras / Millet Flour Parathas
My all time favourite, I can add as much chopped fresh fenugreek as I want. Small amounts of millet and wheat Methi Naan.

Savoury Millet Pancakes

Easy to cook, healthy to eat, pretty to look, these millet pancakes make a wonderful snack.



Recipes from Mireille

Methi Pudina Poha
Methi Pudina Poha is a quick and easy Indian breakfast. In this version, I’ve added a bunch of veggies and fresh herbs into the flattened rice to make it even more nutritious to give you the energy to start your day.

Methi Toor Dal
This Indian dal with fresh fenugreek is perfect with a bowl of Basmati rice for the classic Indian comfort food of rice and dal.



Recipes from PJ

Uppu Huli Dose
A salty and sour dosa with methi leaves from the Udupi cuisine.

Methi vegetable and cheese paratha
A nutritious dish to pack for the kids lunch box.

Carrot Methi Subji
A simple and easy dry vegetable side dish that goes well with steamed rice and roti.


Recipes from Priya Suresh

Methi Aloo Pocket
If you want to make a different parathas from the usual one, then take a look at this pocket parathas. This parathas are quite easier to make and i stuffed them with a simple potato and fenugreek leaves masala. This pocket parathas makes an excellent breakfast,lunch and dinner as well.

Baby potatoes Methi leaves curry
This dry potato curry can be prepared in a jiffy and if you dont get baby potatoes just get your usual potatoes to make it.Potatoes in any forms is almost everyone’s favourite, there is nothing harm to add this bitter fenugreek leaves while making this simple potato curry.

Methi na Gota
Looking for a different evening snack to enjoy with your cup of coffee,this Gujarati Methi na gota will definitely please your tastebuds. Easy and delicious, these crispy pakodas are dangerously addictive.


Recipes from Renu

Moong Sprouts Methi Chilla

This Mung Sprouts Methi chila is loaded with the goodness of both mung sprouts along with methi sneaked in it. A delicious way to incorporate vegetables in your family’s diet.


Recipes from Sandhya

Methi Malai Mattar
A lovely change from the regular onion/tomato based recipe. This methi malai mutter is so flavor with the fresh methi leaves and sweet peas. Perfect combination with parathas.

Gajjar Methi
This was one of the best subzi that I have tasted with the fresh sweet carrots and the methi leaves. This is a regular in our house as the boys love it.

Menthiya Keerai Sambar
A classic South Indian recipe that uses fresh fenugreek leaves. Choose tender fenugreek leaves to make this flavoful sambhar.

Aaloo Methi Paratha
A great alternate to plain aloo paratha is this aloo methi paratha with the goodness of fresh fenugreek leaves.A great lunchbox option.


Recipes from Usha

Methi Paalak Daal
Methi palak dal is a flavorful, Indian vegan lentil stew. Pairs well with both rice and Indian flatbreads.

Methi Cauliflower stir fry
Methi leaves with cauliflower is an everyday side dish for rice and Indian flatbreads.

Methi Pulao
Versatile flavorful pulao that pairs well with as simple as riata or rich gravies.

Methi Moong Dal Curry
Methi moong dal curry is a dry curry. Soaked moong dal is cooked along with methi leaves. Serve it with rice or roti.

Methi Toor Dal Stir Fry
This is another everyday side dish where methi leaves are stir fried with cooked toor dal.


Finally My Recipes

Methi Aaloo Ras Wara
Fresh fenugreek leaves, boiled and pureed, simmered in tomatoes, with addition of potatoes, this is a main couse curry cooked in Sindh style.

Methi Mattar wara Chawara
Long grained Basmati rice cooked with fresh green garlic and green peas, this rice dish is a main course and can be enjoyed with Sindhi Aaloo ,yet another Sindhi speciality.

Stuffed Methi Aloo Paratha
Cooked Methi Aloo, mashed and stuffed makes an excellent and healthy paratha. Served with fresh curd, the paratha is a treat by itself.

Methi Aloo Paratha with Jowar
A gluten free paratha, where sorgum flour is incorporated in cooked mashed methi aaloo.All in one paratha.

Methi na Thepla

A recipe that needs no introduction, which comes from a Gujrati kitchen. The methi Theplas are an excellent travel food with a super shelf life.

Chola Methi na Dhokla
Chola Methi na Dhokla are steamed lentil cakes with fresh fenugreek leaves.Low in calories, they make a perfect evening snack with a cup of tea.

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30 + Nutrtious Methi Recipes

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