The year 2015 has flown away, and like every year I feel..oh really so fast !

The year began with lot of hustle and bustle , the BM 50 celebrations were in March and we all were excited and preparing for this meet. The tickets had been booked long back , but a constant excitement prevailed among the group and lot of messages, mails were exchanged everyday. This was a landmark event, organized by the Chennai friends, which seems like a sweet dream now.

Right after the meet we had our April mega marathon,which was named Fire up your Oven. This marathon was all about baking and a beautiful experience where I have maximum bookmarks. A couple of bookmarks have been cleared but most of them have to be done. This was one marathon which gave me jitters as we have hardly any sweet lovers in the house. All the same it was one big hit marathon where I posted each and every day including Sunday’s, which was officially a holiday.
When ever I cook something new I normally like to capture it and so normally I do have a rich draft section, that is always a boon for my regular marathons. I some how manage , though at times I do cook specially for the theme.

This year I haven’t been very regular with the Indian Cooking Challenge…life sometimes does become hectic and which makes it difficult to cope up.
Time flies and knowing my hectic schedules I stared working on the September mega BM. Fortunately I was done with all my post much before the scheduled time , we called this as Buffet on Table , a marathon where I did do some elaborate cooking, and enjoyed it too.
While all this has been going on I have had a couple of trips , where I have explored the different state cuisines. It truly is a learning experience.
Diwali is a time where I make lot of chocolates and sweets , but unfortunately we lost my brother in law , so there were no celebrations. We took a small vacation and on the last day broke my wrist which resulted in immense pain and surgery. But life moves on , right?
With December setting in I automatically cheer up as it is the time for my girls and grand kids to visit me. Somehow even though I did have about 10 posts done I did not participate for the bakeathon, which is an annual event at Valli’s space every December.
With lot of cheer, enthusiasm the December month comes to an end and with that the year…but we look forward to a bright and happy 2016!
Wishing all my viewers and friends a very happy new year.
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Best of 2015

3 thoughts on “Best of 2015”

  1. Wish you a very happy New Year Vaishali.
    Lovely recap of the year. Hopefully you will be back in action full force in 2016. We've missed you the last few months of 2015.

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