BM # 71
Week 2, Day 1
Theme: Birthday Snacks
It is always fun to plan Birthday Parties. With no small children I miss those good old days when I used to plan these parties and make spreads which were their favorite food. Those days all snacks were made at home , and I always baked fancy shaped cakes. I guess it’s the joy and excitement of your own kids birthday that makes you go overboard. I wonder if I would put in similar efforts now …..perhaps I am aging.
Well the theme this week is Birthday Snacks and for today I have made a Car Sandwich for the kids. The sandwich is simple, and can be made from white or brown bread. One just needs to cut it into the car shape. You could do so with the help of a cutter or make a template . It has simple cuts so any one can cut these. Filling the sandwich is your choice. I applied some butter and a thin layer of jam. The wheels of the car are made by chocolate chips and I have used a glazed cherry on the top. I have used jam as glue to stick these. The signal is made from wafer biscuits and tutti fruity .
There is no proper recipe for these sandwiches so just go ahead and make them the way I have made them or use your imagination and use veggies like tomato, carrot or cucumber to make these cars.
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Car Sandwich

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