31st Jan 2015 marks my four year completion of Blogging.
These four years have given me a life which added life to life. I am thankful to my family, friends and my viewers who have constantly motivated me.

Doesn’t this call for a celebration? Well I have organized a small event to celebrate.
The event is open to bloggers as well as non bloggers. And yes there are some Giveaways too.

The event duration is 1st Feb to 28th Feb 2015

This event will be hosted on Ribbons to Pasta’s FB page.

The theme for the event is “Street Food”

I will be accepting only fresh and Original entries, so please do not send from your archives.
It is a vegetarian site and I expect only vegetarian food pictures please. 
Bloggers as well non bloggers can participate.
All you need to participate is to click on the “Like” button and send your picture of a street Food.

You can submit one picture choosing your category where you could cook a street food and click.
Bloggers can post their entries on their blog along with the recipe.

However to be eligible for the Giveaways, you must share your entry on FB page
Logo will help to spread a word around.


Actually go on the streets to click the street vendors.
Please name the place and state, country where the picture has been taken, along with the name of the street food.
Again just one picture.

The Giveaways
I have four giveaways for the participants two for each category.
Two giveaways for Indian residents and two for overseas friends.
The giveaway is beautifully photographed recipe book on street food.
There are no sponsors for the giveaway and each category has the same book.

The Judge
The pictures will be judged by the famous photographer Vinay Panjwani.
Vinay Panjwani is a documentary photographer from Ahmadabad and his work has been exhibited in Venice, New York besides Indian states.
He was featured by the National Geographic Channel in 2013 as a part of Mission covershot .

The winners will be judged on the composition of the pictures.
The judge’s decision would be final.
The results will be announced in the first week of March.

If any doubts you can leave a comment in the comment section or FB page.

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Celebrating Blog Anniversary with Street Food Festival and Giveaways

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Blog Anniversary with Street Food Festival and Giveaways”

  1. Hi Vaishali,

    You have a great blog.

    Also, loved participating in the street Food contest – one of my favorite foods 🙂 I was wondering when the results would be out.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.


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