BM # 16  Day 5
Breakfast is a very important meal  and I hate skipping it. I have always been a bread eater ever since I remember.I love parathas and idlis too , but not for breakfast.They can be part of any other meal. This paneer coin  is absolutely yummy with a simple stuffing. I always thought this stuffing is so simple that actually everyone would be making these, but when I served these to a friend she went ga ga over it.
I wondered why?…well , I realized that I am using a special ingredient which changes its flavor completely.Check for yourself…..

2 ………………slices bread
Cut the bread into round with the help of a cookie cutter.

½ cup……….. grated paneer
1………………….green chilly finely chopped
¼ tsp…………. red garlic chutney
Few coriander leaves
Salt to taste
Mix everything for the stuffing.

Heat the grill toaster.
Apply butter to the bread and place the stuffing.
Cover with another buttered slice.
Grill and serve hot .

The red garlic chutney lends a wonderful aroma and flavor to this toast.. I have used white bread but you can choose your own bread , and if you want to stuff without cutting in circles…absolutely no issues!!
Make sure you serve it hot with a chilled glass of juice.
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Cheesy Gold Coins

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