BM # 53   Week 2   Day 1
I somehow associate chocolates and biscuits with kids, though I know we grown ups may deny but quietly indulge into these. Recently I made Digestive Biscuits for the September Marathon, where we fired up our ovens throughout the month of April.These biscuits were a treat , most of them just vanished but I dipped a few into melted chocolate and placed them in the frig. Now it became a healthy dessert!
I remember buying these from stores and then keeping them in my bag for those times when I feel like munching on something, don’t you think they are just a perfect one while you are at the movies. Yes my theme for the week is Movie Snacks.
There is no recipe to these but let me tell you how to go about.
Melt the chocolate in a double boiler.
Dip the digestive biscuit into the melted chocolate.
Place it on a wax paper.
Decorate with gems or sprinklers.
Leave these to set in the refrigerator .
Once these are set you could pack them individually .
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Chocolate coated Biscuits

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