Every time I see that jar of Nutella I feel like taking a lick, this nutty spread is so creamy and irresistible, truly a versatile spread.For December the Magic Mingle ingredients are Chocolate and fresh fruit.For those of you who are not aware of this monthly event, let me tell you that this event is hosted by Kalyani at Sizzling Tastebuds.We are given two star ingredients and we have to create as many dishes as we like.Chocolate and fresh fruits, what a heavenly combo!!Can anyone ever go wrong with this one? Well even though I had loads on my mind, but somehow due to a real busy schedule I could only  assemble one of my favorite recipes.

 Here is what you need….
Few slices of super soft bread.
Fresh whipped chocolate cream
Chocolate ganache

Here is what you have to do….
Using a round cookie cutter, cut the bread into circles.
Apply nuttela on the first circle and place chopped strawberries.
Place the second circle and pipe chocolate cream.
Top with some de seeded oranges.
Place another circle of bread,spreading nutella and topping with chopped bananas.
Cover this with another circle and spread  chocolate ganache.
Dust  icing sugar and place a strawberry Santa.
You could use any fruits you like.If you do not have ganache you could spread either nutella or pipe chocolate cream or even simple plain whipped cream.

Well, assembly this sandwich was great fun and only when I wanted to take a bite, I did not know where to begin…so of course first the Santa..and then ..well how about you guys trying for yourself and letting me know!!This sandwich can easily pass off as a dessert, a yummy, light but surely sinful one!!

Also linking it to Valli’s Kid’s Delight at Veg Junction
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Chocolate Fruit Sandwich for Magic Mingle

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