BM # 51
Week : 5 Day : 3
Theme : Baking
Theme of the week: Decorative Cakes and Cup Cakes
The Month long marathon is coming to an end and for today I shall share some decorative cup cakes .
Diwali is a very hectic time and this is the time when we have loads and loads of sweets, chocolates to distribute.
Every year we try to do something different.
This year during Diwali we decided to distribute Cup cakes instead of Chocolates or the Kaju Mithai that we normally do. We had about 200 boxes to give , but we surely had helping hands. Just before we began baking, we made sure that we made loads of flowers with sugar paste.
For the cup cakes we used a basic vanilla and chocolate recipe .
Most of the cup cakes had ganache as their topping but we did a few with ganache as well as fondant.
We decorated them with the sugar paste flowers.
Each box contained 6 cup cakes.
Here are some of the cup cakes that we did.

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Cup Cakes

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