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Get togethers and dinners are a part of Diwali celebrations.Normally we have two dinners, one for family and the other for friends. Both these are before Diwali. For Diwali a special meal is made , which varies in Sindhi homes.

When I got married for the first Diwali the traditional meal that was prepared was….
Aalloo bhaji
Seviya kheer
Somehow I felt this was not a festive meal and within a few years I added  rich dishes like koftas, paneer and biryanis.The traditional meal is still there.

Lot of Sindhi homes must make a dish with seven vegetables.So here we have options like Biryani, vegetable koftas, pav bhaji, Sindhi sai bhaji.One thing that is common in all houses is the sweet, kheer.This of course varies, some prefer seviya kheer, while others make rice kheer.

Today’s meal was prepared for pre Diwali celebration , where we had the immediate family for dinner.The menu is as follows….

Kiwi lemonade
(a simple lemonade, flavored with fresh kiwis, garnished with a big slice of malta)

Assorted aerated drinks

Bell pepper ring dhokla
(lentil steamed in a scooped bell pepper , cut into slices)

Nariyal matter ki tikki
(potato croquettes stuffed with farm fresh peas and grated coconut, with a crunch of peanut)

Pasta salad
(bow pasta served with Italian dressing)

Main course
Daal tadka
(yellow lentil simmered and tempered with onion and tomato)

Makhmalli kofta
(cottage cheese dumplings,in a rich nutty gravy)

Matter makhane ka nimona
(awadhi green peas, made with the rich makhanas)

Bhindi masala
(okra stuffed with dry spices and garlic)

Aaloo anaar raita
(creamed curd served with soft boiled potatoes and red rubies)

Rice / Roti
Nawabi pulao. with matter
(rice cooked with whole spices and milk, garnished with green peas and crunchy fried onion)

(Indian whole wheat flat bread, fried mildly )

Sweet / dessert
Shahi tukda with Gulab Jamun
(fried bread , served with indian cream and topped with mini gulab jamun)

Store bought ice cream

makhmalli kofta

mattar makhane ka nimona

bhindi masala

daal tadka 

shahi tukda with gulab jamun

Kiwi lemonade

pepper ring dhokla

nariyal mattar ki tikki.
.oops!!.forgot to place these while clicking

Pepper Ring Dhokla

1cup ………split green gram
3-4………… green chilies
2tbsp ……..crushed garlic
Salt to taste
Half sachet Eno
2-3…………. red/yellow /green bell pepper
Wash the bell peppers.
Chop the top and scoop out the seeds.
Wash once again , making sure all the water is drained from inside.

The batter..
Wash and soak the daal for 2-4 hours.
Grind, along with green chilies and garlic.
Add salt and Eno.

To prepare
Fill the peppers with this batter and steam.
This shall take at least 30 minutes to steam, all the same insert a tooth pick to check , it should come out clean.
Let cool.
Gently slice these .

Heat oil.
Add mustard and roughly chopped chilies.
Pour the tempering on these slices.

For today I am sharing one recipe, but shall  put up the rest very soon.
Diwali festival does not end here, after the Diwali dinner, we have Pooja, where we place all the silver coins , in front of the Godess Lakshmi.These coins are washed in milk , and then with water, kum kum and rice are sprinkled on these.The prasad for Diwali pooja is Varo.

Our mandir where we do the Diwali Pooja

this years pooja in New York

Living in Gujarat, Diwali is an extended affair.The next day after Diwali is the Gujarati New Year, This starts with heavy fireworks to welcome the New Year.Friends and family visit each other to seek blessings from the older generation.The house is adorned with Asopalav leaves and Marigold flowers.

torans made with marigold flowers and asopalav leaves are put up on the entrance

Following New Year, the Bhai Beej festival is celebrated , where the sisters worship for brothers.The sisters come home and again a rich lunch is served.

There are still some celebrations on the Teej and Chauth but the 5th day that is Labh Pacham is the day when the men start their biusness, which they had closed down since Diwali.They start their new accounts by writing this symbol. The swastik is the symbol of Lord Ganesha ,the God of good beginnings Riddhi and Siddhi his two wives are symbolized by the two lines on either side. SHUBH LABH  above the swastik these are two sons of Lord Ganesha. Shubh means goodness and Labh means benefit. 

with this I wish all my viewers a very Happy and Prosperous Year ahead.

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Diwali Dinner

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  1. The mandir looks awesome Vaishali.Loved the delicious spread. The idea of kiwi lemonade wants me to make some ASAP. Bookmarked this one. Got loads of ideas to try…

  2. OMG Vaishali….. I just watching your pictures no words fantastic is a smal word in front of this… specialy that pepper ring dokla. Book marked going to try this soon…. wow wow wow…

  3. Oh.. My.. God.. I'm totally speechless going through the Diwali spread Vaishali. I know I can never make a dinner like that, I just wish you invite me over to your place one year..
    Spread looks AWESOME.

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