BM # 15   Day 7

During mango season aam ras and Fajetha are a must in Gujrati homes.You all are aware of Aam ras…Fajetha is mango curry.While making the ras the mango peels and seeds are immersed in water,these are then rubbed with hand to get all the leftover remains from them..what  we see is a thin mango juice. After discarding these peels and seeds, we add some of the mango pulp to this and make curry. I understand the logic behind this curry …use to the best!! But ofcourse we still can make the curry with mango pulp. Here goes the recipe…..

½ cup………. mango pulp / if using the light mango juice take 1cup of juice add 2tsp mango puree
½ cup………. curd
2tbsp……….. besan
Small peice ginger
1green…….. chilly
¼ tsp……… chilly pwd
¼ tsp………..coriander-cumin pwd
Pinch ……….turmeric pwd
Salt to taste
Curry leaves
2tsp …………ghee
½ tsp………. jeera
Pinch hing
Pinch red chilly pwd

Blend mango pulp,curd and besan along with water to give it the curry consistency.
Add spices ,curry leaves,jaggery and cook well.
Add tempering and cook for a few minutes.
Garnish with coriander.
Relish with rice.

This curry has a wonderful aroma..and a lingering taste.I enjoy having it as it is..just like a warm soup.This particular curry was made in a Gujju home ,at a friend’s place who is authentic Gujrati cook!!…it sure was a treat to enjoy this wonderful curry.

I served this curry in the Seasonal Gujrati Thaali..and this time I prepared the curry myself.

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18 thoughts on “Fajetha”

  1. You can keep posting the thali picture a 100 times, but still I fall in love with it every single time :))). Its a great picture, the rotis look especially good. The mango fajetha also looks good. I never realized that mangoes are used so much in the cuisine there!

  2. I agree with Rajani's comment..of all the thali pictures somehow I love this more! has that special effects so well done..Thank you so much for all the hard work Vaishali..loved all your posts!

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