Sindhi Fulko
Fulko Sindhi style is a typical melt in the mouth flatbread made with whole wheat flour . This bread is very soft ,smeared generously with ghee and you can enjoy it with any curry , daal or side dish .
Prep Time
Cook Time Passive Time
01minute 2ominutes
Prep Time
Cook Time Passive Time
01minute 2ominutes
  1. Take the flour in a big wide plate .
  2. Gradually add water and bring together the dough .
  3. Using your knuckles knead with both hands for a minute or two .
  4. Using water make depressions with your knuckles .
  5. Cover with a muslin cloth and let rest for 15 minutes .
  6. Grease your hands lightly and knead the dough with both your hands until really soft and pliable .
  7. One can use oil if the dough gets sticky .
  8. Make 4 balls of equal size.
  9. Heat a griddle .
  10. Take one ball , dust it in the dry flour .
  11. Roll the ball to a oblong of 4-5” .
  12. Smear it with ghee and sprinkle some dry flour .
  13. Pinch the oblong in the centre and bring the top down , press gently and you will get a flat ball .
  14. Roll it into a disc of 8” , avoid using dry flour .
  15. Sprinkle some ghee on the hot griddle and lightly wipe it with a kitchen towel .
  16. Now place the fulko on the griddle .
  17. Let cool for 15 seconds and flip , making sure the flame is on high .
  18. Cook this side for 30 seconds , you shall see it is done in this time . The brown spots will be quite prominent .
  19. In case you feel it has not cooked enough, cook it for another few seconds .
  20. Flip and cook the first side for 15 seconds or till the fulko is cooked and has brown spots .
  21. Remove from the griddle and using your hand gently press to crush the fulko . The fulko will be in a inverted posture .
  22. Apply ghee with hand , fold the fulko into hall , apply ghee , fold in quarter and once again apply ghee .
  23. Now gently crush the roti and refold before serving .
  24. Make the rest of fulkas in the similar manner.
Recipe Notes