BM # 29    Week 2   Day 1
For this week I shall be making sweet treats .After a meal normally we look around for a little piece of something sweet , it can be a piece of chocolate or a cream biscuit. Of course a well made sweet is welcome. Sandesh is a sweet from Bengal and very light and low cal .It is basically cottage cheese which is sweetened and flavored. You could call it a cheese fudge.I think this is one of the simplest desserts where you cannot go wrong.I used Gulkand to sweeten the sandesh…yes it is my love for roses that pulls me to these innovations.I had made these for Holi put could not post the recipe then. To check the rest of Holi recipes , check here.

1 litre cow’s milk 
2 tsp vinegar / lemon juice 
2-4 tsp gulkand
Powdered pista and cardamom
Almond slices
Boil the milk. 
Add vinegar, the milk will curdle. 
Switch off gas . 
Strain the curdled milk in a cheese cloth. 
Place this under a running tap, this shall remove all tarty flavor from the cheese. 
Place it in a non stick pan and add gulkand , cook till dry. 
It shall be sticky in the beginning. 
Once it dries up remove from the pan and knead it well. 
Do check the sugar, before moulding. 
I moulded them with my hands and put in a small depression . 
I filled the depression with powdered pista and cardamon. 
Garnish with almond slices.

These go to Sowmya’s Kid’s Delight an event by Valli

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Gulkand Sandesh

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