Hyderabadi Quabooli Biryani
A unique High Protein lentil biryani from Hyderabad, the city of Nawabs.
Prep Time
Cook Time Passive Time
40minutes 2hours
Prep Time
Cook Time Passive Time
40minutes 2hours
  1. Pressure cook the soaked daal with salt and turmeric powder for two whistles .
  2. The daal should not be mushy .
  3. If there’s any extra water drain it .
  4. Heat 3 tbsp oil and add ginger garlic paste. Sauté for a minute .
  5. Add chopped tomatoes and let cook till mushy.
  6. Add red chilly powder , garam masala , beaten curd and mix well .
  7. Add chana daal and mix .
  8. Keep aside .
  1. Wash and soak the rice for 30 minutes.
  2. Place a pot and put 4 cups of water.
  3. Add shahi jeera, cardamom, cinnamon , cloves and salt .
  4. Let the water come to a rolling boil .
  5. Add the coriander and mint leaves .
  6. Add rice and cook on full flame till the rice is 90% done.
  7. Simmer the flame , cover the rice and cook till done .
  8. In case you feel the rice needs more water to cook add just the amount required.
Assembling the Biryani
  1. Remove half the rice from the pot .
  2. Add the cooked Daal , layer of fried onions, half of mint and coriander leaves .
  3. Add the rice back layering the daal .
  4. Sprinkle fried onion, coriander and mint leaves .
  5. Dissolve a little food colour .
  6. Make random holes in the Biryani and put drops of food color in some places . Fill rest of the holes with ghee .
  7. Apply chapati dough around the pot and cover and cook the rice on very slow fame for 10-15 minutes .
  8. Alternatively you can layer the Biryani in a oven proof dish , cover with a foil and bake .
Recipe Notes