Having a daughter means…
Seeing a thousand rainbows every day
A thousand sweet dreams every night
A thousand occasions of sweet success 
And a thousand reasons to laugh and smile.
Happy Birthday sweet daughter.

As  Radhika’s Blog Hop enters another week I take this oppurtunity to wish my daughter a very Happy Birthday.

This week I am paired with Nirmala.I have visited Nirmala’s blog a few times . She is a very creative person and  has some wonderful recipes.For this Blog Hop I chose to make the eggless cake.I could have chosen some other recipe ..but since this is celebration time for us I found this apt. I always like plain cakes with some nuts but I decided to change this one with flavoring as well as icing. I made this a Mango Cake and used Truffle icing.

For the cake….
1cup………….. flour
½ cup………… oil
½ cup …………sugar
½ cup………… curd
¼ cup…………. milk
1large…………. mango
¼ tsp…………… baking pwd
½ tsp ……………baking soda
Seive the flour, baking pwd and baking soda.
Blend the oil,sugar,milk ,curd and mango.
Fold in the flour mix with the wet ingredients.
Grease and line a mould.
Pour the batter into the mould and bake in a preheated oven at 180 deg for 35 minutes or till done.

Truffle icing
1cup………….. dark chocolate
2 cups ………..cream
Vanilla essence
Boil the cream.
Add grated choclate.
Switch off the gas.
Add vanilla essence.
Cool by placing on ice.

Cut the cake into two equal parts.
Apply soaking syrup on both the pieces.
Apply a layer of whipped cream with some mango pieces.
Cover with the second piece.
Cover this with truffle icing.garnish with mango slices.chill and serve
The cake turned out very delicious , the truffle taste too was super but I still have to improve my skills in icing.

Soaking syrup
1/4 cup water
2tbsp icing sugar

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Mango Cake with Truffle

29 thoughts on “Mango Cake with Truffle”

  1. Firstly, birthday wishes for your daughter. May she have a great & delicious year ahead.
    And, secondly I would be on top of the world if someone would make a cake this tempting for my birthday. The cake looks absolutely gorgeous. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter.. Lovely cake and presentation. Nice clicks too. I invite you to link up to my ongoing event Bon Vivant series – Fruits

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter, Vaishali. She would be proud to have a mom wishing her thro' her blog also.

    Visit my recipe Banana Lassi – BHW17.

    My heart throbs for the decoration you do to your recipes always.

  4. A very Happy Birthday to your daughter. Love the cake and love that you have patiently baked such an elaborate cake. Love your presentation as always. Your daughter is sure so lucky to have such a beautiful person as her mother. Love it all…you just inspire me to be a better mom!!!

  5. Many wishes to your daughter's B'day, your wordings on daughter is so beautiful, I have two daughter's made me smile when I read it :), Beautiful cake for a beautiful daughter.., cake looks fabulous and beautiful clicks too..

  6. Hello Viashali, This is Anisha. I am ardent follower of your blog and your recipes inspire me, soon I'll be visiting my mother in Ahmd and would like to make this dessert for her, can you kindly let me know where do you get good quality dark chocolate?


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