BM # 72
Week 3, Day 2
Theme: Festival Recipes
For the second day under Festival Recipes I have Murmure ke Ladoo. Few years back every Lohri my neighbor friend used to send me all Lohri goodies, but since we both have shifted to different apartments, it is rather difficult to catch on these occasions. I remember the Murmure ke Ladoo that she used to make, they were awesome. I never thought of making. For a couple of years we got readymade ones, but this year I decided to make and from now on it is going to be Home made ones.
The Murmura Ladoos are one of the simplest ladoos that can be made. The art and taste lies in melting the jaggery . It should be always done on slow fire with constant stirring.The jaggery should be Amber colored , and a wonderful aroma should release before you add the Murmuras. Add a pinch of Cardamon powder to enhance the taste.
The ladoos should be binded quickly otherwise one lands up with a collected mass. One can either wet hands to bind else grease hands with ghee and bind. However you could heat the mix for a couple of mins again and then bind the rest.
Murmure ke Ladoo
11/2 cups kurmura

1/2 cup jaggery
1/4 tsp ghee
1/4 tsp Cardamon powder


Dry roast the kurmura till crisp. Keep aside.
Break the jaggery into smaller pieces and put it in a non stick pan to melt.
Once melted let it turn golden.
Remove from fire.
Add the kurmure and mix well.
Wet your hands and pinch out about 2 tbsp of the mix.
Make it into a round ball.
Similarly make all ladoos.
The process of making ladoos should be quick as the jaggery stars drying.
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Murmure ke Ladoo

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