As soon as u finish a meal….everyone has the same question to ask”meethe me kya hai?”(wat’s for dessert?) of course there is a wide variety to choose from to satisfy u r taste buds BUT……yes but wat about the guilt of calories ?…..simply cant afford to indulge into sweets made with ghee n sugar!!
So here I have a healthy,sugarfree Indian sweet which is super simple n super delicious.Figs r low in fats n cholesterol so go ahead n enjoy the dessertJ

  • 250 gms dried figs
  • 100 gms almonds
  • 50 gms cashews
  • 50 gms pistachios
  • 1/2 tsp ghee

    1. Wash the figs and microwave with 3-4 tsp water for 4 minutes.
    2. Grind them in a mixer.
    3. In nonstick pan put 1/2 tsp ghee, add the fig paste.
    4. Roast for 2-3 minutes, remove n cool.
    5. Add nuts to this n knead like a dough.
    6. Make a roll, wrap in a cling film.
    7. Refrigerate for 1/2 hour.
    8. Cut into slices.
    You can use dates instead of figs.
    Dates can be grinded directly, no need to microwave them.
    Cardamom is optional.
    • u can pack these sweets individually to retain freshness else store them in a airtight container.
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    Nutty Fig Roll

    6 thoughts on “Nutty Fig Roll”

    1. First time and loved this recipe…always used to give fig puree for my 1-year-old, but this is even more powerpacked and delish with all the added nuts..thank you for this new recipe, Vaishali! nice to meet a new friend in the blogosphere too!

    2. Vaishaliji..I soo so love your blog..for the past week I was going through your entire blog and bokmarked so many lovely recipes..You are such an amazingly creative and sweet person..going through your blog, I felt like I have known you for years..
      when this last page came, i felt so sad 🙁
      never mind, waiting to hear lots of updates from you!

      this sweet it also so simple, I have had ready made anjeer sweets, but never thought it cud be made at home too 🙂


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