Sweets and Snacks , yes this is the theme for the September Mega Marathon 2019 . Every year we have two Mega Marathons . April and September are the months when we post everyday except Sundays .

The concept of Mega Marathons started when we met at Ahemedabad for BM # 25 Meet .Since then there has been no looking back . At least I haven’t missed any of these .

This September we planned on a theme where the first week we would make sweets , the second week pick one state and make snacks , third week is a free week where we can post any snacks . Last week is a mandatory week where we all will be cooking the same snack on the same day . It would be interesting to see the perspective and presentation of different friends .

The first week I have picked some Indian sweets and desserts . Some traditional , some fusion .

The second week I have picked my very own state – Gujrat . Gujrat is famous for its farsan and namkeens . Each city / district has its own specialty . So for the second week I shall post city specific snacks .

Third week I shall continue to post from Gujrat . It’s during the festive season of Diwali that every house gets busy preparing these snacks . These snacks are a common sight in routine too , and they have a good shelf life .

For Both week 2 & 3 I shall be posting fried snacks , which have a good shelf life , we could call them jar snacks too . I made these snacks over 3-4 days , with the help of my cook . Since we do not eat much fried stuff , I packed some for the BM #100 Meet , and some for my daughter . Some were packed to give away to friends .

Week 4 is a mandatory week , we all shall be posting the same snack on the same day . For one of the days Valli decided on Sakinalu . It looked alright , but when we actually tried , it was something that needed practice . Usha’s mom and aunt were kind enough to demonstrate this typical snack . Finally the snack had to be replaced by a simpler one .

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Do come back tomorrow when we shall begin with our first post under the theme Sweets & Snacks !


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Sweets & Snacks for Festivals
Course Snack, Tea Time
Course Snack, Tea Time

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