BM # 32 Week 4
Theme: International
Cuisine: Mexican
Cooking with alphabets: “U”

Tamales are one of the more famous corn-based foods of Mexico, but the tamales most of us are familiar with used dried corn. In the state of Michoacán, however, they make uchepos, which are made like tamales but use the husks and kernels of fresh corn. These mildly sweet tamales are complemented by a spicy salsa and sour cream.
While reading about Tamales I was reminded of a Gujju version of these, strange but a little twist here and there and the dish changes..the name changes.At first I wanted to add some spice to these, but decided to let them be original.

Under International dishes we shall enjoy Uchepos with the letter ”U”
6-7 fresh sweet American corn cobs
Salt to taste

Remove the husk from the corns carefully , trying to keep them whole.
Rinse the leaves and keep them aside.
Grate the corn.
Add salt to taste.
Alternatively one can process them in a food processor.

To make uchepos
Take a corn husk, place on the counter.
With the help of a spoon place some of the grated corn on the husk and spread it in the leaf.
It will take the shape of the corn.
Fold the sides of the husk firmly.
Tie them with a thin strand of husk.
Make the rest of the uchepos in the similar manner.
Place them in a steamer and steam them for a good 15- 20 minutes.
To test the uchepos, remove one of the uchepos .
As you open the husk the dough should come out easily from the husk and be completely smooth.
Serve these with salsa and sour cream.

These do not have any spice, so I sprinkled some chilly flakes and made the salsa a bit extra spicy.I toasted some herbed bread out of pizza base and served as a side and this was a light dinner that the family enjoyed.

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Uchepos / Corn Tamales

17 thoughts on “Uchepos / Corn Tamales”

  1. I saw this yesterday in a program, where ladies were getting together for tea and then packing the parcels for steaming as they catch up with each other..Seemed a good way of getting the work done and socializing at the same time :-)..

  2. I had seen a bit of this on Fox traveller a glimpse before I told that this make her very hungry and how these day I am not making something like this and so please do not whet my appetite.
    Thanks. This gets done soon.

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