BM # 63
Day : 22
Theme: Regional Cuisine
Cuisine : Sindhi

As a young girl I was never very fond of sweets and whenever mom would make something I would not even taste. It was my brothers who loved all sweets . Since I never ate these I never bothered to learn or know about them. Even when I got married I hardly took interest in the sweets my mom in law made. It’s only when my daughters got married I felt I should learn to make at least the basic sweets which we have to send to daughters.


During winters Varo is made and sent. We have many versions of Varo. One such version we made for Indian Cooking Challenge. Most versions are where we make them with sugar as the base, but this one is with jaggery. Varo has to be really nice and crunchy, should have some nuts too. Sugar or jaggery is melted and cooked till slightly pink , after adding the required ingredients it is poured in a greased Thali. My friend , Meenu is an expert at sweets and came to teach me this one and a couple of more sweets.



So let’s get to the recipe of this Varo with the alphabet V in our journey through the cuisines.I am also linking this post to the A-Z Challenge.

Varo gura jo


250 gms jaggery
8-10 pieces of black raisins
8-10 pieces each of almonds, cashews and pistachios.
1/2 cup Choori


Melt the jaggery in a thick bottomed pan, make sure you do it on slow fire.
Let the jaggery turn to pink color, add 1 tsp of water.
Immediately add choori..
Mix well and remove in a greased plate.
Sprinkle the nuts and raisins.
Let set.
Unmould to serve.

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V -Varo Gura jo / Jaggery Brittle

18 thoughts on “BrittleV -Varo Gura jo / Jaggery”

  1. I can't imagine not liking sweets. My intense liking of sweets is probably to my detriment, but still I can't help myself from consuming them. I've never seen what you've presented here but it sounds fantastic. I'ave never heard of jaggery but I'm sure there must be some Indian markets in my area that carry this. For that matter I probably could buy this confection. I don't live too far from the area known as "Little India" in Artesia, California. I may have to explore to look for this brittle.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  2. very interesting sweet ! usage of jaggery is healthy too 🙂 I am not fond of sweets too, but have started makign traditional sweets for the kids of late…

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