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September begins and with that we begin with the second month long marathon of the year , the first being in April . Yes we have two Mega Marathons every year , one in April and the other in September . We have been doing these marathons over a period of time now , under Valli’s leadership .

Every year we choose themes and then work on them. The themes have challenges , do’s and don’ts , but we enjoy them . Some of the themes that we have done are –

April 2014 – A Re -cap of The Indian Food Odyssey……A Journey of 30 Indian States

September 2014 – Re Cap of Around the World in 30 Days

April 2015 – Re cap of Fire up Your Oven

September 2015 – Recap – Buffet on Table

April 2016 – A to Z , 26 Traditional Sindhi Sweets

September 2016 – The Sandwich Festival…over 40 Sandwiches ! – Recap of Cooking Carnival 2016

April 2017 – A – Z Baking Around the World – Re-cap,26 Egg less Cakes!

September 2017 – Protein Rich Recipes

April 2018 – Explore the Flavors -How to make 26 Lip Smacking Street Foods from India

For this September the theme is Flatbreads and More . When we talk of Flatbreads we have to categorise them , and hence we had three options to choose from .
One where we post A to Z Indian Flatbreads . ( Dosa’s , Crepes excluded )
Two where we post A to Z International Flatbreads . ( one Indian bread could be included )
Three where we post A to Z Indian Breads . This would include Dosa’s , Crepes and Pancakes .

I have chosen to make A to Z Indian Flatbreads . I have tried my best to stick to the traditional recipes , but yes there are a couple of alphabets for which I had to to work on fusion or regular recipes.

Hoping that you guys will enjoy these recipes as much as I enjoyed making and eating them .


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Welcome to Flatbreads and More
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