Khubz is a Arabic flat bread with numerous spellings and pronunciations. Seriously I have seen it being spelled wit a “a” with a “u” and also with double “oo”. Anyway for me it is one of the best pita breads. It is a staple with Arabic countries . They cook it in a tandoor and eat it with most of their meals. I made these for Iraqi Breakfast for Buffet on Table .


The bread is normally made with all purpose flour, but one can always make with multi grain or whole wheat flour. I made it with whole wheat flour and the result was amazing. They puffed very well and had beautiful pockets. Needless to say they were super soft , melt in the mouth kinds. I served it with Bigilla, a delicious dip.

Makes : 10
Recipe Source : Priya Srinivasan


3 cups wheat flour
11/2 tsp instant yeast
1 tsp sugar/ honey
Warm water for kneading
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tsp salt


Take flour, sugar , yeast, sugar and salt in a wide bowl.
Add warm water and oil , little by little and knead the dough.
Place the dough on the kitchen counter, knead the dough by dusting some dry flour.
Knead this dough for 8-10 minutes.
Oil the dough and place it in a bowl.
Cover and let rest till double.
Mine took about 2 hours to rise.
Once the dough is double, take it back to the kitchen counter, and punch it down,
Knead again till a smooth ball is formed.
Divide this into ten portions.
Take one portion, cover the rest with a kitchen towel.
Roll out this ball into a 6 ” dia roti.
Heat a griddle or nonstick tava .
Place the bread, it will start cooking and puffing.
Flip and cook the other side.
I also cooked it on an open fire, for it to puff .
Keep the puffed pita in a kitchen towel.
I made a few of these for pics but made hot ones while serving the dinner. I know this was Iraqi breakfast , but I served it for dinner, as this is the only meal when everyone is around . My son loved them and has declared a law..No more Pita bread from outside !
Thanks Priya Srinivasan for landing me into trouble! LOL .
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Whole Wheat Khubz, Arabic Flat Bread

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  1. hahaha…I am not sure how your son has not passed the law for so many other make everything so well!..this is on my list still..though wondering to select btw the two I have..

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