26 Traditional Indian Thalis and Platters, all compiled on one page to make things easy for you guys. These Thalis and Platters have been created to showcase the diversity of Indian Cuisine.

For this Festival we have categorised our Thalis and Platters into five different categories.

1.Everyday Thalis

Where I have shared four Sindhi Thalis. Sindhi’s do not have specific thalis, but we do have combinations which are served together. Everyday Thali’s give you a glimpse of some of the routine food that we make. We do not have many Sindhi Restaurants, but yes with new trends we see a few opening up.



Sindhi Lunch Thali 

Guar ji Bhaji

Sindhi Winter Lunch

Chithiyal Gogru

Sindhi Comfort Lunch

Sindhi Moong Dal

Sindhi Sunday Lunch

Dal ji Kadhi

2.Regional Thalis

Here I have chosen different states and presented food cooked specifically to these states. Every region has it’s own version of a particular dish. The spices differ, the cooking style differs and even the utensils differ. Toor Dal in South will be made into a sambar, Dal Tadka in Punjab, Dal Dhokli in Gujarat and so on and so forth. So here I am presenting the traditional cuisine of six different regions of India.


Royal Awadhi Thali

Subz E Noor Chashm

Parathe wali Gali ki Thali

Kaddu ki Khatti Meethi Sabzi

Sindhi Meal

Sev ka Raita

A meal from Kerela

Nadan Urulaizhangu

Tamil Wedding Spread

Potato Masala

Bengali Vegetarian Thali

Anarosher Chutney


3. Platters

The third category of this theme is Platters. Platters are large plates, a meal or a combination of different combinations are served on it. I shall be presenting six platters, with wonderful delicious flavours.


Gujarati Farsan Platter

Dudhi na Muthiya

Pakora Platter

Stuffed Whole Onion Pakoras

Chatpati Chaat Platter

Chatpati Chole ki Chaat

Sindhi Breads

Aatey jo Chilro


Udupi Tiffin Recipes

Rava Idli

Maharashtrian Mix Platter

Matar ki Karanji


4. Flatbread Special Thalis

We have a wide variety of Indian Flatbreads and each state has a different one to compliment the curries and side dishes. Most flatbreads are unleavened and usually made with grains like wheat. We have a good variety of millet breads too. The South is popular for its rice bread. So for this category I have chosen six Flatbreads and worked my menu around them. Check out these Thalis.

Maharashtrian Rustic Thali

Jowar ki Roti

Himachal Thali


North Indian Thali

Ajwain ka Paratha

Rajasthan ki Thali

Biscuit Bakhri

Uttar Pradesh Thali

Beetroot Poori

Saurashtra Lunch Thali

Gujarati Bakhri

5.Theme based Thalis

The last category for this Thali and Platter Festival are Theme based Thalis. here I have picked Fasting Food as the theme. This is such a wide topic, and I was surprised to read on it. Basically fasting is abstaining from some foods and drinks, sometimes abstaining from a meal. All religions have their own set of rules and like I said it is a very very wide topic and I have just picked some simple Fasting meals here. Some meals to be enjoyed while fasting, some to break the fast. So enjoy these four Thalis which are special to the theme of Fasting.

Fariyali Thali

Sabudana Vada

Mini Fariyali Thali

Fariyali Fajeto

Vrat ki Thali

Baked Ratalu ane Bateka nu Handvo

Iftar Platter

Rose and Pistachio Stuffed Dates

We come to an end of the September Mega Marathon. This probably has been one of the toughest themes that we picked, but I have to admit the best. Thank you Valli!..Thank you, fellow friends, for joining in, especially during this tough period. I am sure we are going to cherish each and every post created here. Before I end let me give you a glimpse of the previous Mega Marathons –

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26 Traditional Indian Thalis and Platters


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  1. The compilation looks awesome Vaishali, its surely a task to collage again, you have done it so well. It was really fantastic planning and doing this marathon with you. You have outdone yourself as always!

  2. I am speechless with your thalis and menu ideas. For me, If I have to search for any thali, I come to your blog. You have a collection of thalis and all are so different and unique. Loved doing this BM with you.

  3. That is amazing to see this round up and this show case your hard work and effort you have taken to put together such elaborate thalis. Each and everything is unique and completely new to me. I will come again to check different recipes from your blog.

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