A to Z - One State Three Dishes

A to Z Series – One State Three Dishes is my theme where I have cooked three recipes from a particular state in alphabetical order.

Indian Food is the most diverse food, we have 29 states and each state has different culture, tradition and Cuisine. Even this state cuisine differs from a region to another. Each state has different cooking style, it has some special ingredients, local produce and above all the climate which play an important role in cooking.

This year Valli announced an interesting theme A to Z series for our regular BM. We could choose a theme and cook every month. The series started in January and we had to post three dishes beginning in the Alphabetical order. The alphabets for January were ABC, February DEF and so on.

The series surely is interesting and I decided to cook three recipes from one particular state. So I picked one State and made three dishes every month with a particular set of alphabets.

Whenever I think of a theme, my first choice is street food, but this time I wanted to post from different states, I had my Thalis planned for September Mega Marathon, so decided to plan in such a way that I could post at least two dishes from these Thalis which could fit in this series. There were a couple of alphabets for which I did not have the dishes cooked in my Thalis, for those I naturally cooked!

A to Z series is quite challenging, and there are some alphabets which are quite tough, but that’s the best part of the series. I have compiled the complete series here for easy reference, but first, let me give you an insight into the A to Z series which we have done from time to time.

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Here is the recap of this A to Z series –



A – Amritsar Aloo Tikki Choley

B – Bheega Kulcha

C – Chatpate Amritsari Chole



A to Z - One State Three Dishes
D – Doodh Keri

E – Ek Top na Daal Bhat

F – Fada ni Lapsi



A to Z - One State Three Dishes
G – Guarfali ki Sabzi

H – Hare Mattar ki Sookhi Sabzi

I – Imli wale Aaloo


Break !!


Uttar Pradesh

A to Z - One State Three Dishes
J – Jeera Poori

K – Khoya Makhana Mattar

L- Ladoo Besan Kaju ka



M – Mishti Doi

A to Z - One State Three Dishes
N – Nimki

O – Orange Rasogulla


Uttar Pradesh – Awadhi

P – Paneer Kundan Kaliyan

Q – Qeema Mattar

A to Z - One State Three Dishes
R – Rava Barfi


Karnataka – Udupi

S – Sada Dosa

T – Togari Nuchhin Unde

U – Udin Vade


Mega Marathon 



A to Z - One State Three Dishes
V – Vateli Daal nu Khaman

A to Z - One State Three Dishes
W – White Dhokla / Khatta Dhokla

X – Xtremely  Easy – Talod nu khaman



Uttar Pradesh

Y – Yakhini Pulao

Z – Zarda Seviyon ka



A to Z - One State Three Dishes

A to Z Series - One State Three Dishes is my theme where I have cooked three recipes from a particular state in alphabetical order .
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4 thoughts on “A to Z – One State Three Dishes”

  1. This is a fantastic roundup Vaishali. As always the efforts you put into these series is simply awesome and so inspiring. Enjoyed reading through all the dishes and so much to make now..:)

  2. I really liked your concept of cooking from different states each month though it must have been tricky to pick dishes alphabetically from each region. And also that was smart to pick dishes from the ‘Thaali’ theme. I went through all of the recipes in your series these past few months and thoroughly enjoyed the series.

  3. What an excellent place to drool over all the amazing dishes you have created in this series. Always a pleasure and a learning to go through your posts. I am sure I will be coming back to this page many times.

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