Finally we end with another edition of our April Mega Marathon. This years theme was Baking. The theme had two challenges. One we had to choose only two bakes from a country, and two we had to go alphabetically.
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These marathons are always challenging and I love to give myself an extra challenge. This time I decided bake all Cakes. Among baked goodies cakes are my favorite, I enjoyed baking these cakes from different countries. The basic ingredients are the same for all cakes, it is the butter , oil, eggs and the flavour ing that makes the difference. I tried to pick traditional cakes and realized that most of these are with nuts and fruits. Of course some cakes are frosted too. Most of the recipes I picked were with eggs, so I have used substitutes to replace the eggs.

Cakes are often served as a dish to mark some kind of celebration,specially for Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays. We have some special cakes served for Festivals too.

While writing this post I am reminded of the times when cakes were not so much in fashion. I was newly married and it was my sis in laws birthday. Since we did not have an oven I never thought of baking a cake. Those days stores did not stock egg free cakes too.My mother in law made a Ricę cake. No , no it was not baked , it was a Ricę Biryani which was tightly packed in a round box. Some kind of veggies were used to decorate , with touches of edible color. I was not around to see it, so I was surprised to see this Ricę cake and found it so amusing. At the same time I was so touched, what a lovely thought to make a cake, how very innovative. Some how I have never thought of posting it, but now I shall.

Anyway coming back to our cakes, here is a recap of all 26 cakes that I prepared, though after seeing all the wonderful bakes by my friends I could just say wow..I wish I had divided my theme into two..but never mind .  Now I have so many bookmarks. Thanks Valli for the lovely event. Thank you friends for appreciating all these cakes.And now….. Looking forward to our September Mega BM.

Albanian Walnut Cake from Albania

This is a moist cake from Albania and the Lemon Glaze is the highlight of the cake.

B – Bara Brith Cake from Wales

Bara Brith is a cake from Wales , it is also called Black Cake in Argentina.

C – Chocolate Cake with Spotted Chocolate Collar from US, Germany, France

A sinful chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate garnish and a chocolate collar.

D – Dundee Cake from Scotland

Dundee Cake is a traditional Scottish Cake , where the top is always decorated with almonds.

E – Earl Grey Tea Cakes from Great Britain

Tea Cakes infused with Earl Grey Tea

F – Fruit Cake from Australia, Canada, France, Germany

Originating from Rome, going up to Germany , France, Australia this cake is very popular and traditionally served during Christmas.

G – Genoise Cake from Italy

Genoise Cake is a Italian sponge cake, which is used as a base for many cakes.

H – Honey Cake from India

Honey Cakes are popular in many countries, but this one is from India, from the South Indian Bakeries.

I – Ice Cream Cake from US, Australia

A popular cake from US and Australia, this is a double treat, for cake and ice cream lovers.

J – Jaffa Cakes from United Kingdom

Jaffa Cakes are three layered cakes which are very popular in UK.

K – Kladdkaka from Sweden

Kladdkaka is a sticky , gooey Swedish cake.

L – Lamingtons from Australia

Small cake cubes dipped in chocolate frosting and rolled in coconut, these are a specialty of Australia.

M – Mawa Cake from India

A delicious Parsi cake flavored with cardamon , served in Irani Bakery’s.

N – Neapolitian Cake from Australia

Neapolitan cake is a Australian cake with three layers, three colors each complimenting the other.

O – Orange and Almond Cake from Spain

Orange and Almond Cake comes from València , a city in Spain. The city is famous for it’s oranges.

P – Panforte from Italy

Panforte Di Siena is an Italian confection that is a cross between fruitcake, candy, and honey cakes called Lebkuchen.

Q – Queen Elizabeth Cake from United Kingdom

Queen Elizabeth Cake is a special cake from Great Britain which was prepared on the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

R – Red Velvet Cup Cakes from US

Red Velvet cup cakes are delicious and pretty looking cup cakes from USA.

S – Sachertorte from Vienna

Sacher Torte is a cake from Vienna which has a combination of two layers of soft and light chocolate cake separated by apricot jam and coated with a chocolate glaze.

T – Tres Leches Cake from Mexico

Tres leches is a soft moist cake where three different kinds of milk are used, It is a delicious cake from Mexico.

U – Upside Down Cake with Pineapple and Oreos from United Kingdom

A delicious cake with Pineapples, cherries and the twist..Oreos.

V – Viennese Coffee Cake from Austria

Viennese Coffee Cake is a super soft, buttery cake with pecans and brown sugar filling and topping.

W – Whole Wheat Carrot Cake with Walnuts from Switzerland

A popular cake from Switzerland , with whole wheat flour and walnuts .

X – Xmas Cake from all over the World

Earthy Xmas fruit cake with the goodness of nuts and dried fruits.

Y – Yazdi Cakes from Persia

Yazdi Cakes are from the city of Yazdi in Iran. These Persian Cakes are mildly flavored with rose water and cardamom.

Z – Zebra Cakes from Africa

Zebra Cake is a delicacy of Africa, though it is very popular in US, a cake which will remind you of a Zebra due to it’s stripes.

A - Z Baking around the World - Re-Cap

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10 thoughts on “A – Z Baking around the World – Re-Cap, 26 Egg less Cakes!”

  1. Awesome round up Vaishali. Kudos to you for making cakes for the entire month. LOVED all your cakes and have bookmarked quite a few of them already.

  2. Simply loved all your cakes, Super like for those cake collections, and needless to say how much i loved going through your virtual treats. Kudos to you to keep a sub theme, you rocked Vaishali.

  3. Vaishali, I am so glad you kept up to this theme as such. you know I love Eggless cakes and to see all these in one place is heart warming!..I enjoyed reading about your MIL, what a fantastic idea..thanks for this wonderful collection! I have bookmarked the whole list!

  4. That’s a fabulous collection of eggless cakes, Vaishali. Each one is a delight to behold. I have bookmarked almost all of them though I don’t know if I can achieve the same level of awesomeness like you have. Awaiting your rice cake recipe

  5. Awesome roundup Vaishali. I am an ardent fan of your time management and work spirit. You always prep plan and came up with lovely ideas. Hats off for baking 26 cakes.

  6. I am at a loss for words. This marathon I followed Gayathri. I guess for the next bake-athon I will follow you. Amazing cake recipes and very beautiful presentation.

  7. That was one amazing month woth all the cakes Vaishali. I don’t have look any further for cake recipes. I just need to look into your blog for any cakes. It was fun as always doing this with you!

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