Like every year , the new year has begun !
So let me begin by wishing you all a very Happy , Healthy New Year !
Time to look back and gather some memories , right ?

With our 75th BM meet we were all gearing up . This time the meet was in Delhi and we decided to take a side trip to Mathura, Vrindavan and Agra. We had some fresh faces who were joining us and we were looking forward to these new faces . Since the meet was in Delhi , I looked into most of the arrangements. I was keen to take my foodie friends on a long Food tour to Old Delhi , which is the hub of Street Food. You could read in detail about this tour here. The BM meet is not only about eating and having fun , it’s also about what we learn from these meets . This meet we took up a baking class and had as many as 12 students. Our baking gurus Gayathri and Veena handled the show very well . Rest of us were there to help . Don’t miss on our wonderful exotic bakes , read on the details here .

The hangover of the meet lasts a while and leaves us with sweet memories , but slowly we get back to our daily rut .

On the blogging front , the regular three day BMs follow , but of course the April and September Mega Marathons have a very strong hold on my mind . This April I chose to bake 26 Eggless Cakes from various countries . It is definitely hard to consume so many cakes but with planning I had no issues in using these cakes. My friends and neighbors were the most happy people .

Best of 2017 @ Ribbons to Pastas

The September Mega Marathon was all about protein . I worked on different themes like Salads, Thalis , Biryanis, Kebabs and Recipes with Nuts and Seeds . The theme gave me a great learning experience . I particularly enjoyed the Biryanis and Thalis . My passion for Thalis made me work on Parsi Cuisine which I had never tasted . It definitely was a task to work on these Thalis and select a menu which would be protein rich and at the same time compliment each other .


Best of 2017 @ Ribbons to Pastas
Post September I immediately started working on April Mega Marathon 2018 . I know you guys must be thinking ,”What a crazy lady ! Well , I just did a couple of posts as I knew the next few months would be terribly busy . During these few months I have tried to post recipes from my Thalis .


This is one year my girls could not make it in December , so I decided to participate in the annual Bakeathon . This was the first time I participated and trust me I pulled out everything from my drafts ! Bakeathon was not planned and since I clubbed BM and Bakeathon I had mixed recipes . I hope to fair better in the next Bakeathon .


December, a month which is normally full of hustle and bustle every year was rather quiet , I had to go through a leg surgery, which made me rest , but does that stop me from typing and browsing ! That’s for you to guess:))


Before I end I must say that my blogging credits go to Srivalli, our team leader, my co bloggers – I wait for them to read my posts and comment, not only that I look forward to reading their blogs and discovering new recipes. Of course I cant miss my family who have to eat what I give and that’s how I blog.


Looking forward to a brighter , healthier , happier  2018 !


Best of 2017 @ Ribbons to Pastas

Best of 2017 -Ribbons to Pastas


5 thoughts on “Best of 2017 @ Ribbons to Pastas”

  1. Such a lovely roundup Vaishali. So many memories!!! Was great meeting you during BM75 and it was simply amazing as to how you managed to plan and organise the entire trip!!!
    Loves reading your awesome recipes, especially the eggless cakes in mega BM.
    And no one is surprised that you have finished all the dishes for April 2018!
    Wishing you a healthy and happy 2018

  2. Wow Vaishali, sounds so much fun… tried sending you main but something problematic… so posting here.
    “Hey Vaishali,

    Just read your sum up post of 2017. U mentioned about april bakethon and annual bakethon. what are these all about. Could you please tell me if no problem in sharing.


  3. Vaishali that was a fun post to read and as always you excel yourself each time!..I too enjoyed both your Mega BMs immensely and rest of the regular BMs too. If there is a push for me to do BM, the main reason has always been you…Enjoyed reading through your post and recollecting many of them! Happy New Year to you too!

  4. Lovely recap Vaishali. You have been an inspiration for me — your organizing skills are just amazing.
    I wish that the you make many many more delicious meals and dishes in the New Year.

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