BM Meet , Day 2
Date : 18 th Feb, 2017
Day : Saturday

Color code: white
Woke up: 6 a.m
The yeast was on my mind, so was waiting for the right time to make calls.
Everyone took easy as we did not have to go out.
Dressed in our night suits, we collected all the stuff we needed for the work shop.
We had planned a baking workshop, where Gayathri and Veena were going to teach breads and cake frostings.
Our students were some of my family members, some friends and some their friends.
The workshop was scheduled for 1 p.m so we had plenty of time.

10 a.m
Breakfast served at Sai Villa
Aaloo Parathas
And we called for Mattra ki Chat with kulche.
Pickles, jams
Tea / coffee / juice
11 a.m
All got busy with work shop preps
Oh by the way we managed the yeast from Natures Basket, they home delivered.
1 p.m
The students started arriving.
We had hired a professional photographer
A photo shoot in white.
Then come in our customary BM aprons.
But this time we got matching chef caps too.
The aprons and chef caps were in red with the BM logo embroidered in gold.
Everyone looked so professional.

1.30 p.m
 Work shop begins.
Sai Villa, terrace
Gayathri starts with bread dough.
Veena takes charge of fondant icing.
All girls standing alert to help the teachers.
We go up and down, since there was no gas on the terrace.
And frosting had to be done in AC.

What we learnt
Savory Sun Flower Bread
Chocolate caterpillars
Basic eggless chocolate cake
Butter cream frosting
Fresh cream frosting
Fondant icing
Cookies baked by Pradnya, PJ, Padma, Archana were packed as gifts for the guests.

6 p.m
Customary Cake cutting ceremony of BM #75

6.30 p.m
Everyone goes to get ready for dinner.
Venue: my mom’s house
My brother and Bhabhi really insisted that we have a meal with them so …
Everyone leaves by cars.
Archana, Pradnya and I take a uber and first go to get a gift for the host.

The house beautifully done up with flowers and candles.
Dinner was on terrace .

Broccoli tikkas
Paneer Tikkas
Tandoori mushrooms
Tandoori Aaloo
Tandoori Gobhi with onions and chutney
Main course
Banarasi Kadhi
Kaali Daal
Paneer lababdar
Mushroom matter
Sarso ka Saag
Gajjar Pulao
Moong daal Halwa
Ice cream
Ended with
After mints

The interesting part about the dinner was that we had a village guy who made Chapatis on a rustic coal sigri , right in front of us.
A well hosted, beautiful dinner.
10.30 p.m
My brother and nephew dropped us.
Back to Sai Villa, we all gathered in Ritu and Preeti’s room.
Chitter chatter begins.
Before and after thoughts of BM members .
Lot of laughter, blushing and giggling .
3.30 a.m
Finally into rooms to sleep.
19 th Feb, 2017
Day: 3
Color code: Blue with blue caps
6 a.m
Packing begins
I finish and get ready and take the bags down.
7.30 a.m
Everyone still in night suits trying to finish packing.
Loads of left over stuff from the baking workshop in the frig,and all around the place I tried to clear that.
Packed some for Preeti, since she was in Delhi itself.
8.30 a.m
Alloo Gobhi parathas
Juice / Tea / coffee

After everyone’s bags were packed
Chit chatting and clicking pictures.
Blessings from Guru Gayathri
Slogans Jai ho Gayathri !

12 noon
Fried rice with Paneer chilly
Everyone hardly ate
Departing Blues


Preeti left
Pradnya left
Ritu leaves… sobbing !
All eyes moist , smiles on lips , nothing to say , hands waving
Gayathri, Valli and Veena take one cab
PJ , Sowmya another one .
The meet was over and everyone left.
Archana, Apeksha’s flight was for next day.

 On the way to mom’s house
GK market
Jhal Muri
Banta soda
Paalak Patta chat

At home
I had a wedding to attend that night and meet my college friends ,after so many years !!
Night stay at my friends place where I am
beaten up for conking off again and again .
My blogger friends were blamed for this.(we had so many sleepless nights obviously you guys are to be blamed )
Girls are you listening , your Princi was beaten !!!

I spent one more day in Delhi just to be with my family , old friends and neighbors .
Even after so many days I am still in a trance !
Dreaming of BM # 100 !


Blogging Marathon #75 Celebrations, Day 2 & 3. Workshop and Departures

12 thoughts on “Blogging Marathon #75 Celebrations, Day 2 & 3. Workshop and Departures”

  1. What a cherishing moments, we people miss these fabulous moments, sometimes i hate myself for living far from India. Wish we meet a day all together to have these kind of fun loaded moments.

  2. What a wonderful post Vaishali, this one had so many extras on your stay!..can't believe you even conked off, the energy you showed should have kept you going for another week..anyway next time show us your friends..:)..I think we must plan for the next meet soon.

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