BM # 42  Week 2  Day 3

As kids mom used to make these cheese rolls very often, at times she used to stuff potatoes.Its been years since I had these. Every one loves these but somehow I never get around making them, guess deep fried is the reason. These are actually sinful, also when you start eating you cant stop at just one. For the last day of  Easy Tiffin recipes we have these delicious Cheesey Mice to please the kids. Enjoy!!

What you need…
Bread slices with crust removed
Water to soak the bread in

Grated cheese
Green chilly
Coriander leaves
Mix everything and use as a stuffing.
The proportions can vary as per taste.

Remove the crust from the bread slices.
Soak the bread in water …just for a few seconds.
Gently squeeze the water.
Place the stuffing in the center and bring the sides up to cover it.
Press lightly and form into rolls.
Deep fry to a golden.

To make the mice I used…
Almonds, cloves and cut out from cheese.

Cheesy Mice

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