BM # 72
Week 1, Day 2
Theme; Milk based Desserts
For the second day under Milk based Desserts, I have a dessert which is always in my frig. I make 5 bowls of these as my hubby wants it every day. Now why 5 bowls and why not 7 ? Well at times I serve him ice cream or some other dessert.
Agar agar is a natural sea weed and is supposed to be really healthy. It is very popular in Asian countries and is used in different kinds of desserts. It is a wonderful substitute for gelatine. I have made pannacottas with this agar agar ,salads too but my hubby likes it in this simple form. I would love to make more bowls but unfortunately no one in the house wants to eat aren’t you wondering why ? Well hubby does not want any sugar or sugar substitute in the dessert. Secondly since this is always in the frig everyone finds it boring. The day I feel like eating I add sugar to my bowl or make a caramel pudding from it. It is delicious and healthy if made with the given recipe , please add sugar 😉

China Grass


500 ml milk
4 gms agar agar strands
Sugar to taste
1/4 tsp Cardamon powder
Nuts and rose petals for garnish


Put the milk to boil.
Wash the agar agar strands and put them in. The milk.
Let the milk boil till agar agar dissolves.
Add Cardamon powder and sugar.
Pour individual bowls.
Garnish with nuts and rose petals.

China Grass

13 thoughts on “China Grass”

  1. But won't it be bland Vaishali without sugar at all..looks very pretty thouggh..its like I remember you once telling that you wanted the salt to be perfect and your son said how will anyone know that salt is not enough from

  2. I think our husbands were twins separated at birth a few decades apart ? He too likes very few Indian sweets n actually prefers the with mild sugar or no sweet at all, or just prefers a bite of really bitter dark chocolate (wonder how that can be dessert !!??) ..I need to try one portion of this if he likes it

  3. This was one of the most often made dessert when growing up and gradually it has become obsolete. Don't even remember the last time I ate it. Looks good.

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