BM # 40   Week 2   Day 1

During summers green chutney with onions ,coriander and mint is a must in the house.I make quite a few versions of this chutney put prefer to add onions during summer.The Chutney Paneer Tikka is a recipe which my daughter in law suggested, in fact she was the one to make it too. For once I was watching some one cooking and me standing right next. My hands itched to take over , but I I did not inter veal, this was her recipe! 

The recipe…
250 gms cottage cheese, cubed
1 small bowl green chutney
Salt to taste

2 tbsp all purpose flour
1 tbsp corn flour
Pinch salt
Make a batter adding a little water.

Cube the cottage cheese and sprinkle salt.
Dip the cubes into the flour batter and deep fry the cubes.
Make sure they are very light in color.
Place them on a kitchen towel to remove excess oil.
Heat a pan.
Add a tsp of oil.
Add the bowl of chutney and cottage cheese.
Mix well and cook till the chutney coats the cottage cheese.
Sprinkle chaat masala and serve with onions.

Since the chutney was spicy , there was no need to add any other spices, the chaat masala is added to give that zing to the tikkas. The tikkas are fried but then one does not need much oil to cook them.These were relished by all of us and in fact some of us made wraps with these , making it a delicious complete meal.This was one of the first few dishes that our dil made and I must admit it was a total treat!


Chutney Paneer Tikka

12 thoughts on “Chutney Paneer Tikka”

  1. Good to read your dil's recipe, sounds and looks fantastic Vaishali…I guess you need to enjoy watching others cook and relax sometime as well..:)

  2. I can totally see you itching to make the dish urself Vaishali. It is difficult to be just a watcher for a busy cook like you. Chutney paneer tikka looks and sounds delicious.

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