Color Splash!!…my second entry…well may be I wud’nt have tried to make a second card…and that too right away…but  for one of my crafter friends who reminded me of the rules of the challenge!!…I got so involved while creating  the previous card that I just forgot the rules…….never mind this only helped to create something different.
This is a card made with handmade textured paper,a little tough to cut ..but the final effect is stunning!!
After cutting my card I sprayed the right side of the card with water …let the water seep in…n now take the in this card ..just swirl it around spreads beautifully…dry the card.
The next step was the plain black strip which I punched with the ribbon threader punch and passed the white shimmery organza ribbon.I adorned with a black and white button…don’t miss the coordination…it too has a swirl..passed a tiny shimmery ruffly looking blue ribbon..took it around the back and tied a knot with a bling on top.
That’s not all…three tiny daisy sequences have been used as the final embllishment.
The card can be used vertically as well as horizontally.

Color Splash!!...2

5 thoughts on “Color Splash!!…2”

  1. pretty one Vaishali.. I hope you didn't mind the reminder call but I felt since you made an effort to participate better to be aware of all rules…!!

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