BM # 70
Week 2, Day 2
Theme : Burgers
My theme for this week is burgers, yesterday it was a Burger Chat , today we shall enjoy a corn burger. The Patty is made with fresh corn kernels and coated with cornflakes. One can make the patty’s and serve without burgers too. This is a burger that I made for myself , just one burger as no one was interested in eating any kind of bread. You could double or triple the recipe according to your family.
I have observed that now we get only American corn which is very sweet. Since I wanted just corn I had to spice up the Patty as well as the burger, else it would have tasted on the sweeter side. I had picked some sauces from Tenirife and these sauces were just a perfect addition to both the things. I understand that these sauces are not available here, I tasted them without any accompaniment . The tomato sauce is more or less like tobasco , but spicier. So you could use a mix of tobasco and red chilly sauce. The other sauce is a avocado sauce, so that can be substituted by making a avocado sauce from avocados, green chilly , mint and vinegar. So let me get to the recipe now..
Corn Burgers


1 burger bun
1 corn Patty
Cheese slice
Corn Patty


11/2 cups boiled corn kernels
1/4 boiled potato
Chilly sauce to taste
Oregano just a pinch
Black pepper , just a pinch
Salt to taste
1/2 cup cornflakes
2 tbsp milk


Pulse the corn in short bursts, so it remains coarse.
Mash the boiled potato.
Mix all ingredients except cornflakes and milk.
Make a large Patty .
Brush the Patty with milk.
Crush the cornflakes and coat the Patty in these crushed cornflakes.
Shallow fry the Patty.

Assembling the burger

Cut the burger bun into two.
Apply butter on the inside of the sliced buns
Placing the butter side down , toast the bun lightly.
Place the bottom slice on the counter, place shredded cabbage or lettuce.
Place a slice of onion and then the corn Patty.
Place sliced tomatoes .
Drizzle both the sauces over this and finally place a cheese slice.
Finish by sealing the burger with the top piece.
Serve with chilly sauce.

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Corn Burgers

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