BM # 72
Week 1, Day 3
Theme; Milk based Desserts
For the last day under Milk based Desserts I have a simple custard. This is a nostalgic recipe. My BM buddies who attended the BM 50 meet would remember this sweet that was served by Kamallika. I had loved the dessert and decided to replicate it.
I make custard very often and prefer to make some change in it. Fortunately I had gulab jamun in the frig. Kamallika had used peanut brittle but I had a some Sindhi Vado which is just like a dry fruit brittle. It gives a nice crunch to the dessert, but make sure you sprinkle it just before serving it.
Custard with Gulab Jamun


Gulab Jamun


500 ml milk
3 tbsp custard powder
Sugar to taste
1/4 tsp cardamon powder


Dissolve custard powder in 3 tbsp cold milk.
Boil the rest of the milk.
Add sugar and cardamon powder.
Gradually add dissolved custard to the boiling milk.
Stir continuously, you shall see the custard becoming thick.
Remove from fire and pour in individual bowls.
Chill the custard.
Just before serving add hot gulab jamuns and sprinkle praline.
The combination of chilled custard and hot gulab jamuns is amazing, the crunchy praline takes it to another level.

Custard with Gulab Jamun

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