This month’s challenge at Gayathri’s Eggless Baker’s Group is Donuts.Even though this is a baking group this is not a baking recipe…it’s just that we can bake, but haven’t .Also the major challenge was to make these eggless. After making these I wondered why egg is used, they come out so good without them.I think we can jolly well say bye bye to M.O.D and Dunkin Donuts.Actually I feel the basic donuts are fine, it’s the toppings which, need more practise. The simple ones are fine, but the elaborate I just love them.The summer heat here is awful, and working with anything like butter, chocolate and cream is a job.So I used raspberry glaze and chocolate ganache  for the donuts.Chocolate did bother me, but had to make them for my grand kids who were so impatient ever since they knew naani was making donuts. My day was made when these little ones went on gobbling these donuts , though at one particular time I had to stop them.The next batch will be made very soon, but with wheat flour.
Thanks Gayathri.
And this is how I made them…

1 ¼ cups all purpose flour 
2 tsp fresh yeast 
¼ cup milk, warm 
1 tbsp butter 
4 tbsp sugar, powdered 
Pinch salt 
Vanilla flavoring 
Proofing the yeast 
¼ cup luke warm water 
1 tsp sugar 
2 tsp yeast 
Add sugar and yeast to the warm water. 
Cover and keep aside for 10 minutes. 
It should have risen.
Coming to donuts 
Mix flour, sugar, salt . 
Mix milk ,butter, vanilla flavoring and yeast . 
Bind the dough with this . 
The dough should be soft. 
Cover and keep for 30 minutes. 
It should have doubled by now. 
Knead it gently and roll into ¼ ‘’ thick disc. 
Using a donut cutter cut the donuts. 
Leave them to further rise for another 10 minutes. 
Deep fry till golden. 

Raspberry Glaze 
2 tbsp sugar 
1 tbsp milk
 1 tbsp water 
Raspberry flavoring and color 
Mix all ingredients and boil till the sugar melts and becomes slightly thick. 
Pour over the donuts. 

You could pour ganache over the donuts. 

I used ready sugar craft flowers and hearts.The paper butterflies are from vanilla wafer paper.I painted the paper with food colors and sprinkled some silver dust.

I did not have a donut cutter, so the center is a big circle.
I realized that I should have rolled it thick to get a thicker donuts, I felt they were a little thin.
Taste wise I would say I was more than happy with these, all I feel is that they should be consumed fresh.May be within 30 hours!.The freshness of the donut is important and I realized that they do not taste as good after one and a half days.

Just for Fun
Now this might not look like a donut but it is made with the same dough I filled some chocolate pieces and sealed the dough.,it looked more like a ball…but trust me it vanished in seconds. 

Eggless Donuts for Eggless Baker's Group

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