BM # 63
Day : 6
Theme: Regional Cuisine 
Cuisine : Sindhi
Falooda is my pick with the alphabet ‘F’ in our Journey through the Cuisines. We Sindhi’s pronounce it Faloodo, emphasizing on O.
Falooda originally comes from Persia, and I was surprised to read that it is popular in many countries, each having a version of their own. In India itself we have many versions . The famous Kulfi Falooda is served with a rich frozen Indian ice cream. Serve it with Pista Kulfi, Badaam Kulfi, Kesar Pista or any other variation, the variety is endless. Next comes the Rabri Falooda and let me not forget The Royal Falooda, which is more like a drink.
The Falooda is basically vermicelli made with corn starch. These are pretty transparent thread like noodles, though to make them attractive they are dyed yellow or pink.
This is a dessert that the Sindhi’s make for formal dinners or serve it at weddings.
The Sindhi version has Kulfi, Faloodo,crushed ice, rabri , rose syrup and finally topped with crushed nuts.Some add jelly cubes to this Faloodo. So here is the Sindhi version of Faloodo.

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Take a glass.
Cut the Kulfi into cubes or alternatively freeze the kulfi into ice trays.
Add Kulfi to the glass.
Add rabri.
Add crushed ice.
Add Faloodo.
Add rose syrup.
Garnish with nuts.
Serve and enjoy.

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F - Faloodo /Indian Frozen Desert served with Vermicelli

22 thoughts on “F – Faloodo /Indian Frozen Desert served with Vermicelli”

  1. Vaishali, first of all, the falooda looks amazing. Love the pink color! Its news to me that its there in other countries as well.

  2. That's one delicious looking dessert Vaishali. I have always stayed away from even tasting this..however your presentation is making me want to grab it right away!

  3. What a gorgeous dessert to serve. No wonder it is a part of wedding feast. The whole setup looks pretty with that pink color and as Usha mentioned, you make the recipe sound simple.

  4. Wonderful dessert Vaishali! Next time you make this have one for me too :). Btw, the pink vermicelli looks so good. Is it available as such or did you dye it?

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