BM # 27   Day 2  
Occasion : Silver Jubilee Celebrations of a Blog Meet

Friends, the celebrations are not complete as yet , we have Day 3…Yes!.., this is a continued go on join in to celebrate on our 3rd day of 25th Celebrations. 

Day 3 Itinerary 
10th Feb 
Color code grays, greens, beige and browns 
I woke up a little late , as I thought it was a relaxing day…how relaxing Check out!! 
8.00 A.M.Scene at Nest Kitchen 
Parts of the kitchen have been taken over by two lady chefs! Padma and Valli. 

Padma, pouring in ghee and sprinkling loads of cashews in the Upma, which she was going to be served as a stuffing in the Pesseratu. (all that ghee…come on Padma…………buttering!! ) 
Valli , with her hair neatly tied and cladded in her BM # 25 apron was preparing Tomato Kurma. She had the patience to extract the fresh milk from coconuts…

..Aw…how I wish I had given them chef caps!! 
Live counters were laid where both the Lady Chefs treated us to hot breakfast. 

Along with this , some more breakfast for the foodies…. 
Daal Pakwan.. a Sindhi delicacy …hang on friends, the recipe shall follow very soon!! 
Ragda Poha or call them Usal Poha. .from a special road sides stall. 

sorry !..the daal has not been clicked!!

9.30 A.M.
Podi demos by Kamallika

Sambar Podi
lassan podi
I may be wrong here…will update the correct names after getting them from Kamallika!!

Demo by Padma
Andhara style sambar pwd
Toar daal pwd
Daaliya pwd

Demo by Pradnya
Deceptive cooking

While the demos were going on the attendance was rather poor..I could see the ladies bunking the sessions..and getting back to class after may be packing their stuff..or a phone call….guess they were all aware of these podis…but new for me , so at least I was glued!!

A special thanks to

 Padma for the demo of udad daal ladoos…and packing them too!! 

12.00 Off for Shopping 

Now this time it is going to be State Special!..Fruits, Veggies and Farsaan 
STOP!! Stop…Stop… 
A Strawberry cart!!..all the ladies wanted to buy strawberries, since Chennai does not have very fresh ones…the cart got over in few minutes..and yet the ladies were not satisfied!!..more strawberries….. needed. 

Ladies enter a Vegetable Shop!

A chaotic scene…some unseen veggies of Gujarat…everyone was going crazy with fresh pigeon peas, fresh garlic , Mogri…and some of them had not even heard of Mogri. The vendor kept smiling and wondering why these ladies were going ga ga over the routine veggies..besides..what was the need to click?.I told him we all were Food Bloggers ….and then explained what food blogging is..he just seemed fascinated. 

2.00 P.M.Lunch time 
Jai Bhavani 

The best vada pav station, can’t call it a restaurant or a road side joint..but yes you have a decent place where you cook, but serve it on the road side. No, you need not stand..there is proper seating arrangement to relish the vada pav, which is soaked in butter. 

Lunch menu 
Vada Pav 
Kutchi Dabeli 
Maska Bun 
Soft drinks. 
As soon as the lunch got over, I spotted the chorafali stall.I wanted Valli to taste these, as we had made these for ICC. 
So comes the chorafali with that Super Delicious chutney…which left Padma and Archana crazy…this is a killer chutney, and they both wanted to drink it! fact drank..and I could see their eyes watering..but they would not spare it, they took a bite of Maska Bun, full of butter and pineapple jam..and again a sip of killer chutney.   
Off to Farsaan Shop..everyone bought the Gujju specialties and finally had to pack everyone back , as they had a flight in less than 2 hours. 
4.30 P.M. Packing time! 
Bags had no space..stuff bursting out!!..and yet they had to say..We haven’t shopped much!!…well actually they had got small bags, but eventually all finished packing. Hope nobody paid for extra baggage! 
5 P.M Prize Distribution and announcement of the contest winners 
Super chaotic gathering in Valli, the boss’s room 
Now who needed a prize?.we all had our shares of happiness and joy without any tags attached …It was a mere formality..but since Pradnya and Kamallika had worked on we all got prizes, okay..they gave me the title of BM Chef!..I loved it, but told them I wanted my crown and sash!!..well guess that is due..I will claim it for BM # 50!! Folks are you listening? 

5.30 Rooms get empty

Luggage goes into cars and everyone collects in The Dana restaurant TO CUT A Ferrero Rocher cake gifted by Cream n Crunch…this was our way of celebration…

Smilingly we jumbled in cars .
6.15 P.M. Airport 
Smiles on faces, moist eyes, lips sealed…hugs…..…hands waving…!! 
Back home I lay thinking of these three days..what they meant to me ..what they gave me… 
Friendship ! Joy !! Happiness…..I actually can’t find words…… 
Loved each and every moment spent together and shall cherish them with fond memories, only to revive them again……….. very soon!! not get mad at me for this long continued post..but when you has to be expressed..I tried my best to keep it short !

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Faces to Blog...Meet !!! .25th BM Celebrations Day 3

16 thoughts on “Faces to Blog…Meet !!! .25th BM Celebrations Day 3”

  1. How did I miss reading this post. Its good my lips were sealed Vaishali else I would have been bawling all the way home. 🙂 Guess what hubby would have to say abt it?

  2. A virtual tour for those of us who were not present there… You walked us through the entire day! Lovely! Wish I could have been a part of this group earlier!!

  3. Hope you are doing fine now, Vaishali.Take care.
    Loved your version of blog meet too.
    And I think I recognized all the veggies there but except that mogri. 🙂

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