Fariyali Thali

Faryali Thali is a thali which is specially prepared while you are fasting and you abstain yourself from eating regular meals, instead, a special Fariyali Meal is prepared.

We are in the last week of our September Mega Marathon with the theme Thalis and Platter Festival. This week I shall be posting Thalis related to Fasting Food / Foods consumed while we fast. Each community has its own rules and regulations, but I shall be doing a general theme. I am no pro on these, so forgive if I have made a mistake.

Fasting is the willing abstinence or reduction from some or all food and drinks both, for a period of time. In India, we have many religions and almost all have some special days where people fast. Each Fast or Upwas as they call it has its own rules and regulations.

As a young girl, I used to fast on Mondays. They say it’s Lord Shiva’s day. I used to eat one meal a day but was allowed to eat fruits and potatoes. When I think about it, I feel I ate more in the bargain!

Friday was yet another fasting day, where we were not allowed anything sour, no tomatoes, no citric fruits. Again one meal a day.

Normally people would fast due to some religious reasons but we have some fasts that are for weight loss! Intermittent fasting is a buzzword right now. It is a term for various eating diet plans that cycle between a period of fasting and non-fasting over a defined period. Well, let’s get back to the religious fasting!To know more about Hindu Fasting read here.

Then Janamasthami was one day I used to fast with my grandma. She would cook a variety of food and when I made this Fariyali Thali, I was reminded of the meal she used to cook. She naturally made Sindhi style! The Sindhi’s make a completely different fasting spread, which is quite interesting too. Perhaps someday I shall make that too. This meal is a spread and normally served on festivals. The food has to be Satvik, without onion and garlic. There is a variety of fruits and vegetables, milk and milk products which can be consumed.

With today’s trends, almost anything and everything can be made Fariyali. I have restricted myself to a simple traditional menu. So let’s check it.

Fariyali Thali

Fariyali Thali Menu


Gulab Nariyal Paani

Gulab Nariyal Paani is a refreshing drink made with the freshwater from the green coconuts. This tropical drink is further enhanced with rose petals and tender coconut meat.

Fariyali Thali


Sabudana Vada

Fariyali Thali

Main Course

Sookhe Aaloo

Fariyali Thali

Fariyali Kadhi

Fariyali Thali


Moongfali ki Chutney

Fariyali Thali



Namak , Mirch , Nimbu



Fariyali Thali

Badaam Katli


Rajigiri ki Roti

Fariyali Thali

Rajigiri Roti is a healthy gluten-free Indian flatbread made with Amarnath flour or rajigiri flour as called in Hindi. This is a roti which is normally made during the fasting days.

For today I shall share the recipe for Sabudana Vada, rest of the recipes shall follow in the later months.

Fariyali Thali

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Fariyali Thali

Course Lunch
Cuisine Indian Cuisine


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7 thoughts on “Fariyali Thali”

  1. My mother fasts a few times per year but I haven’t ever fasted. We do fasting in a true sense and so we don’t have any fasting foods. However if one is allowed to fast on this kind of vrat ka khana there is no need to avoid fasting, 🙂 And as you mentioned, I have noticed even street food being made fariyali.

  2. Fariyali Thali looks so yum, in fact when I was thinking of making a fasting platter for one day, I checked on this thali of yours…I love how delicious the sabudana vada and the roti looks…I am not good at fasting, in fact when I think I have to fast, I feel more hungry and never bother about it..hehehe..so when I saw so many dishes specially made for fasting days, I was so impressed. Wish I knew about these dishes then, I would have happily fasted…:)

  3. If someone can cook this kind of platter for fasting I can fast everyday 🙂 What a feast this is! OMG I can’t think on it. Where do I start? I have an affinity to sabudana and so I shall go there first. But love the whole platter, Vaishali.

  4. I had a friend who used to fast on Mondays. She would have a glass of juice at lunchtime, but nothing else. She would eat dinner though. Also I had a few Muslim friends who would fast for Ramadan. From all this, my concept of fasting was absolutely no food from sunrise to sunset. So imagine my surprise, when I first came across the “foods for fasting”!!. I learnt late that there is so much food allowed that to me it feels more like feasting than actual fasting :-))! Now I understand that it’s more of giving up regular food for the body to rest a bit. That is also good for you without going to the extreme of no food at all. Anyway, you have a great spread here. Informative too, if someone is a beginner.

  5. A feast during the fast. This is absolute yum and I love the moongphali chutney and the rajgira roti errr pretty much all. Now waiting for the recipes.
    We usually fast during Ekadasi and for some other festivals like Shashti and I never did full-day fasting. One meal a day fasting is what I follow too. And tell me about intermittent fast its the buzz word these days.

  6. I am not a fasting person at all, but I love fasting food. I too just did 2 fasts and use to feast more :-). This thali looks amazing, love that gulab nariyal paani and chutney. Very well-chosen dishes for fasting.

  7. We don’t generally observe any fasting. But this thali looks like a feast and this shows fasting food is not always boring. It is even more delicious than normal ones.

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