BM # 73
Week: 3, Day: 1
Theme: Festival Recipes

Holi is the festival of colours , but I would also call it a festival of food. Every state has something special to offer us . Sometime back I had done an elaborate post on Holi specialities, featuring traditional dishes from different states. Today I have some more recipes , this time from the North.
Holi has been a one of my favorite festivals as a kid, but with time I do not like to play with colours. It is a task to get rid of the colour but food yes I love the holi specialities.The festival falls in the first week of March, and since North is cold, we get the special Red Delhi carrots which are perfect for making Gajjar ka Halwa. I remember as a kid while passing the bustling Delhi lanes I would get the aroma of his Halwa. One could see the carrots being grated and the Halwa being made in huge karahis on the streets by halwais. The Halwa is slightly different than what we make at home. The carrots are grated quite thick and cooked in without milk, once cooked sugar is added. Khoya and nuts are added later. I have made the halwa in the same pattern but I did not use any khoya, some how I like this Halwa without it. I have another version of this halwa , and this one is with milk. 
Gajjar ka Halwa

500 gms carrots, grated nice and thick
2-3 tbsp ghee
Sugar to taste
Nuts for garnish
Cardamon powder
Peel , wash and grate carrots. Try using the thick side of the grater.
Using a thick bottomed pan , add a tea spoon of ghee.
Add in the carrots, saute on full flame for 3 to 4 minutes, then reduce it to minimum.
You shall juice oozing out, let this dry, then add sugar.
The sugar shall also ooze out water , put the flame high, add ghee and cardamon powder, cook till ghee comes up and there is no moisture.
Garnish with almonds and pistachios.
For a richer version of this you could serve the halwa with grated khoya.
Add the khoya to the halwa and mix it, cook till the khoya melts , garnish with nuts.

Gajjar ka Halwa without milk

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