Gujarati Winter Thali

Gujarati Winter Thali is a special Thali prepared in winter in a Gujju home. The Dishes are made with the ingredients available mostly in winter and are warm in nature.

Gujarati food has a palate-pleasing combination of sweet and sour flavors. It varies widely in flavor and heat, depending on a family’s tastes as well as the region of Gujarat to which they belong. Each region has its own style and choice of dishes, though a few remain common. A common Gujarati household usually has a set menu and they do not change the combinations.

The cuisine changes with the seasonal availability of veggies and ingredients. Winter season calls for a range of foods like Undhiyu, Bajri ka rotla, and Ponk. They are mainly items that are warming for the body. Winter brings in Fresh Toovar( Pigeon Pea), Fresh Green Garlic, Surati Papdi, Mogri, etc. Kadhi, Undhiyu, and Bajri ka Rotla with lots of Ghee and jaggery are our favorites during this cold winter season. Summers bring in a Thali, that is light on the tummy. It mostly features dishes like Fajeto, Chutti Dal, Rotli Ras, and Shrikhand.

Gujarati Winter Thali

Today, I have a Winter Gujarati Thali, I have already posted a Winter Kathiyawadi Thali, with completely different winter veggies. Today’s Thali is a simple Thali that features –

Dakor na Gota

Dakor na Gota is a variety of pakora. I make them with a premix, Add water to the premix and make a batter. Now simply fry them. You can get the premix at Amazon.

Gujarati Kadhi

Gujarati Kadhi is a traditional sweet and sour curry made with gram flour and buttermilk. The curry is comforting and is served with Khichadi or steamed rice. The curry is quick, easy, and fuss-free.


Undhiyu is a medley of seasonal vegetables. The vegetables for it are available as winter starts in Gujarat. It is a traditional and classic dish, that requires laborious cooking. Each region of Gujarat has a different take on Undhiyu. Some of the popular ones are Surati Undhiyu, Matla Undhiyu, Kathiawadi Undhiyu, and Umbadiyu,

Green Garlic Khichadi

The khichadi is a mix of Basmati Rice and Green Moong Dal. I have made a paste of Fresh Green garlic, spring onion, and green chili. Saute the spice blend in ghee, along with the khichadi mix. Cook with absorption method.

Bajri Rotla

Bajri Rotla is a pearl millet flatbread. Gujarati ladies hand-toss them. Making the Rotla is a work of art, but you can roll it on a plastic sheet. Once cooked slather lavishly with butter or ghee.

Gajjar Halwa

Gajjar ka Halwa is an Indian sweet made with carrots, milk, ghee, and sugar. It is a classic winter dessert that can be served as it is or served as Gajjar Halwa Spring Rolls or Gajjar Halwa Cups with Icecream.
For this Thali, I have made Gajjar ka Halwa, without milk.

Beetroot Salad

This is a simple salad with grated beetroot, saute the beetroot for a minute or two. Add salt and lemon.

Carrot Salad

I have grated carrots for this salad too. Make a dressing of salt, lemon, and honey. Mix well.

Chilly Pickle

This is a typical winter pickle. Slit the chilies, and add salt, mustard powder, and lemon. Leave it overnight and it is ready to eat.


Barfi (store-bought)

Gujarati Winter Thali

I have shared the links to the recipes. I shall share the Green Garlic Khichadi recipe in the upcoming posts.

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  1. Thali and you – both rock , Vaishali !! ❤️ this platter looks irresistible and I can simply dig into this platter – winter or summer 🙂

  2. Love the simplicity of thali. It looks very simple but has complex cooking ! Waiting for the khichadi recipe, sounds very interesting.

  3. This is yet another rocking thali Vaishali!…The pictures have turned out so bright and beautiful as always! bookmarking for sure…

  4. You are just master in thali theme, no one can beat you.. love the flavors and so healthy too.
    Feeling hungry.

  5. The Thali Queen is back. Absolutely rock it! I will love to try all of these. Love the bajra rotla and khichidi.

  6. As always, a delicious thali, Vaishali. Undhiyu is something I never get it right. Bookmarked the recipe and will try it with fresh vegetables in winter or will try with frozen undhiyu veggie mix.

  7. Looking at that thali, even in this heat, I feel warm and fuzzy… All the dishes sound like an amazing combination together… Of course, the gajar halwa would be the first thing I would want to eat… Hehe…

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