BM # 12    Day 2
Born and brought up in Delhi I have always been fond of street food.Gul-gule’….doe’snt the name sound interesting?well…these are nothing but Moong Daal Pakoras or fritters.These are an absolute favorite with the Delhites and are sold in almost every nook and corner.Now what’s the big deal about moong daal pakoras?…yes ,you got to taste these to know what I am talking about.These have a very mild taste ,but the flavor of asofetadia is dominant,these are topped with grated radish,..the green leaves of radish are finely chopped and mixed in.To make them hot and spicy a green tangy  chutney is drizzled on top and a spicy chaat masala is sprinkled to finish off!! Now ain’t it mouth watering?…These are also called Ram Ladoos.

Here is the recipe….

1cup……………. moong daal
Salt to taste
A big pinch asofetadia
Pinch baking powder

Soak moong daal for 5-6 hours.
Grind to a paste.
Add salt ,hing and baking powder.
Beat well.
Fry the pakoras.

2 cups ………….shredded radish
¼ cup………….. shredded radish leaves
Chaat masala

4-6……………….. green chillies
A small bunch coriander leaves
Few mint leaves
¼ cup………….. light tamarind juice
Salt to taste
Mix all ingredients and blend .
The chutney should be runny / watery.

Place the pakoras in a plate.
Sprinkle the radish mixed with greens.
Drizzle the chutney.
Sprinkle chaat masala.

Each pakora is relished with this fresh radish salad and chutney ,but eat these right away ,else they get soggy.

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a vendor selling these Gul-gulas’
ready to be eaten
These are off to Srvalli’s BM # 12 Susan’s MMLA#43 ,and Street Food.


15 thoughts on “Gul-gule’”

  1. Lovely post! I grew up in Delhi too and was planning to do a Ram laddoo post this weekend! Now i'll have to rack my brains to come up with something else! This looks mouth-watering and i'm really waiting to go to delhi in the winter and eat this hot 🙂

  2. my husband belongs ti delhi and he makes gul gules but it i snot the moong dal pakoras he makes but a sweet from atta and gud.. they call that gulgule.. ithink its also called pua or so.. the pakoras they call ram ladoo…

  3. Mouth watering and one of my favorite street food. I have one question. Yesterday I made it but it was hard. Can you tell me how can I make it soft and can we make it one day ahead of the party day. Will they be soft.

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