BM # 69
Week 1, Day 1
Theme : Kid’s Delight , Anniversary Party
After a month long Cooking Carnival we are back to our regular marathons. The whole of September has been a hectic month. I was out on a holiday to Spain and Holland . Holland is absolutely mesmerizing and trust me I did not want to come back. It is so so beautiful. The villages have small houses, with the prettiest gardens I have ever seen. Life has to move on and one has to get back to the routines, come back to where we belong.
So continuing with life routine I am back with my first week of BM . For this week I have chosen the Anniversary theme and I shall be posting all three sweets. For Day 1 it is Gulab Kheer. Kheers are soft, light and they are a favorite with most kids, at least it has been a favorite with me ever since I remember.
Gulab is the Indian name for Rose, this is one flower which is my favorite. I love the country roses which impart a very sweet fragrance. These are not as pretty as the English roses but you cannot beat the aroma they lend. I love using the fresh and dried roses in my cooking.
Gulab Kheer


500 ml milk
2 tbsp rice
A pinch of cardamon powder
1 tbsp condensed milk
1/4 cup dry rose petals
Few drops rose water


Wash the rice and add them to the milk.
Boil the milk on full flame and after the first boil simmer and cook till the rice is done.
Add condensed milk, check for sweetness, you could add more or less condensed milk according to your taste.
Add cardamon powder.
Switch off the flame.
Pulse the dry petals to a fine powder and add to the kheer.
Add rose water after the kheer has cooled down.
Chill the kheer and garnish with dry rose petals.

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Gulab ki Kheer

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  1. Your kheer recipes are simply divine! Each spoonful takes me on a delightful journey of rich flavors and creamy indulgence. Thank you for sharing these mouthwatering recipes—I can’t resist trying them all!

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