Teacher’s Day is just a few days away and as usual my niece was selected to dress up the class soft board .We decided to make a black board with a  teacher….and some journalling which would come straight from heart.
So we chose a green paper ..just the right color of today’s black boards….gave it a thermocol frame and wrote with white pen .Rest of the job is with printouts…The standing teacher has a thermocol back to give it a dimension .The centre of the board is highlighted with two students holding a banner…Happy Teacher’s Day.
This did’nt seem enough so we made a long banner which could be put up on the top of the soft board….again printouts ..neatly cut n punched  for tying to the main string I used raffia for this….also used mini pegs to hold The Danger sign.
Well..  this is it!!
I had decided to post this on the 5th Sept…The Teacher’s Day but thought may be this might help some children preparing  such a project for school.
Dedicated to my  Teacher’s….for what I am today!!

Happy Teacher's Day

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