BM # 54  Week 3  Day1
It’s during winter we get these fresh green Channa or Garbanzo beans. These are a favorite with all of us and I love to cook with them. For the theme Lentils in three ways I have three different lentils and three different cuisines and three different courses. For today it is a Chaat with these fresh garbanzo beans.
This is a very popular Chaat and we see hawkers selling these in most states. I have seen hawkers in Delhi, here in Gujarat , I even saw some of these in a place like Haridwar. These hawkers normally use the dried beans which are soaked and then boiled. They have these ready . They have a small stove to cook these by adding onions, tomatoes etc. the chaat is nice and hot. The other version is where you have the boiled beans and these are mixed with accompaniments and served cold, just like a cold salad.
For today I have this as a cold salad.The other version is very interesting too, so look for it I shall post it very soon.
Hare chane ki Chaat
1 cup fresh green garbanzo beans.
1 onion
1 tomato
1/2 cucumber
1 green chilly
Coriander leaves
Chaat masala
Salt to taste
Lemon juice
Boil the beans with salt till soft. I used the pressure cooker and gave two whistles.
Drain the water and let cool.
Add finely chopped onions, tomatoes,cucumber, green chilly and coriander.
Add chaat masala and squeeze some lemon juice.
Mix well and serve .

Hare Chane ki Chaat

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  1. Simple and healthy chat.i never heard about green channa before. is it available only in north india? or i missed to notice it in my area..

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