Iftar Platter

Iftar Platter is a spread of the various dishes one can enjoy while breaking their fast during Ramadan.

The last three days I have been posting recipes related to food that can be consumed while we Indians fast, but today it’s a different scene altogether. Today it is about breaking the fast!

I love reading about cultures and I am quite fascinated by the Muslim Culture where they fast for an entire month! Yes ! during the entire month of Ramadan, they are obligated to fast, every day from dawn to sunset. Their fasting begins after the pre-dawn meal of suhur continues during the daylight hours, ending with sunset with the evening meal of Iftar.

Iftar is done as a community, with Muslims getting together to break their fast together. The meal is taken just after the call to prayer Maghrib is around sunset. Traditionally three dates are eaten to break the fast. Many Mosques provide Iftar meals after sundown for the community to come and end their day’s fasting. They have huge spreads of Iftar meals in the Middle Eastern countries.

I have a beautiful Muslim friend, Kahkasha, who was or probably still is a partner in Le Meridien and when I told her I wanted to make a post on the Iftar Meal, she was so delighted. This is a vegetarian menu and a very small menu. It is nowhere near an actual Iftar, but seriously I couldn’t go beyond this! The Muslims, of course, have a lot of non-vegetarian dishes too. I worked around the vegetarian menu and thanks Kahkasha, without you it would have been difficult to achieve this.


Let me share what I have put together on the Iftar Platter 

Iftar Platter

Dates Platter

Rose and Pistachio Stuffed Dates
Almond and Candied Peel Dates
Pecan Stuffed Dates

Iftar Platter

Fresh Fruit Platter


Drinks & Dessert Platter

Watermelon Mojito
Mango Lemonade
Blueberry Kheer
Caramel Pudding
Elaichi Kesar Badam Pista China Grass
Royal Coconut Kulfi Falooda

Kebab Platter

Subz Tawe ki Shaami
Soya ki Seekh
Hariyali Kebab
Hari Chutney

Since the fast is broken with dates, I chose to post Rose and Pistachio Stuffed Dates for today. Enjoy them. This is the last post under the Thali and Platter Festival.

Iftar Platter

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Iftar Platter

Course Snack
Cuisine Indian Cuisine, Middle East, Pakistani, Persian


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8 thoughts on “Iftar Platter”

  1. Vaishali, what a fantastic platter to end the series with ! You have so much variety in each category that actually you could have made individual platters. That juice platter captivated my attention more. I haven’t tried a few of them, looking forward for those recipes.

  2. Simply awesome and stunning Vaishali. While all your thalis are out of the world, you surely saved the best compiled one for the last day! I loved all your thalis and everything were so elaborate.. Of course, I didn’t expect anything less..:)

  3. Stunning collection of platters I should say. Each one is carefully chosen and exotically presented a always. A perfect post to end this edition of mega marathon. Loved all your thalis as usual. What a reference point you have created.

  4. What a lovely post to end the month long marathon! It’s a treat to the eyes and every single item in there is simple in its elements and so delicious! You make preparing a feast doable and enjoyable !

  5. I am totally impressed by that whole big platter of yours! I love how accurately you have covered the information too… I do know of so many in my circles who have extremely heavy Iftars, but we just can’t eat so much so we keep it limited to lot of fruits, one drink, one warm drink and one snack, which gets pushed to chai time. Hehe… but when we have guests, then we do go all out. I would have really loved that whole spread – those snacks, the stuffed dates and especially that agar agar is very delicious. I am waiting for you to post that recipe soon… 😉

  6. OMG you are simply amazing, I would have made 3 different platter posts with this one 😀 :D…You have done all in one. Hats off to you. My favourite in this is the drinks and the kebab platter and the assorted dates.

  7. You are ending the marathon with bang Vaishali. So amazing iftar platter and as Renu mentioned, this can be done as 3-4 platters. So many dishes and everything looks so tempting. My favorite is kebab platter.

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