BM # 15    Day 2
Gujrat lies in the western zone and the cuisine here is more or less divided into four parts.Kaathiwadi,Gujrati ,Surati and.Kacchi..Every district has its own variety and menu but only some are popular….The basic Gujrati thaali remains the same.The everyday food in a Gujju home is Daal-Bhaat-Rotli –Shaak.Tuvar Daal or the Pigeon Pea daal is used extensively  in Gujrati,while Kaathiwadi  ‘s make a different daal everyday.
.Traditionally a  Gujju lady gets up and the first thing after sweeping the front yard keeps a cooker on gas.This cooker has two sections.One would have Daal ,the second one would have rice…Bhaat as they are called here..Once the cooker is done they just have to temper the daal  ,make rotlis.These rotlis are paper thin and smeared with ghee.The vegetables are cooked in a pan with vaghar. All done they serve the second  meal which is called lunch at 11a.m. after which the men go off to work.The first meal…breakfast is tea and some light snacks popularly known as farsaan.This is served around 8a.m.The everyday meal has no frills ,to make it festive additional shaak is served…may be two more shaaks.Farsaans and sweets are added.These too depend on the occassion..sometimes one sweet is eneough.If it is a elaborate spread then two farsaans may be served one fried and one steamed two sweets ,Salad ,papad and chutneys naturally go along.
It is very common to add a little sugar or jaggery to the daal,shaak or kadhi.I have been constantly asking my Gujju friends…what if a person is diabetic…the answer is..use a little less sugar…..they just cant eat otherwise.Initially when I came here I just could not eat this food because of the sweet and salty combination,but over the years I have developed taste for it.As yet given the choice between Punjabi and Gujrati my first choice is naturally Punjabi.

There are set  menus in Gujrati kitchens and they are blindly followed.The menu I have picked up today is a Kaathiwadi menu.Kaathiwad is in the south western region of Gujrat .The food here is spicy and the use of red chilly is more..unlike Surati.Surati food is made with lot of green chilly,green garlic and coriander.Jowar  and rice rotis are more popular in Surati cuisine whereas Baajri  Rotlas and Bhaakri is relished by Kaathwadis.

So lets get on to the menu…..
(Light buttermilk spiced with roasted cumin seed pwd)

Vegetables / curries
(A sweet and sour curry made with yogurt and gram flour)
Sev Tametaa nu Shaak
(Tamatoes sauted with spices ,with a addition of farsan sev just before serving)
Fansi Vataana Dhokli
(Beans and peas curry with mini wheat flour dumplings)
Doongri Bataaka nu Shaak
(Whole onions and baby potatoes simmered with a special sesame masala)

Leelva ne Kachori
(Fresh pigeon peas crushed and stuffed into a sweet and sour snack)

Breads / Roti
Baajri  Methi na Rotla
(Sorgum and fenugreek mixed to make a flat bread,which is topped with pure ghee)
(A crisp flat bread)

Vaghareli Khichdi
(Rice and daal cooked temperd with whole spices and topped with pure ghee)

Gor Papadi / Sukhdi
(Whole wheat flour ,ghee and jaggery cooked to make a healthy and delicious sweet)

kotmari ne Leele Chutney
(Fresh green coriander and peanuts crushed to make this popular chutney)
Khajoor Imli ki Chutney
(Dates and tamarind blended with spices give  this chutney a sweet and tangy taste)
Vadhwaani  Marcha
(Big green chillies pickled with musturd pwd and lemon)
Aambodia Churan
(Dried mangoes spiced up)
Papad (oops!!..I forgot to place that)
Doongri Bataaka nu Shaak
Sev Tameta nu Shaak
2cups…………. chopped tomatoes
¾ cup…………. farsaan sev
¼ tsp………….. turmeric
½ tsp………….. red chilly pwd
1tsp……………. dhania jeera pwd
1tsp sugar
Salt to taste
2tbsp………. oil
½ tsp………. musturd seeds
Pinch  hing
Heat oil.
Add musturd seeds and hing.
Add the chopped tomatoes.
Add all the spices and let cook in its own juice.
Once it is cooked,the tomato pieces should not become a paste!!
Add some water .Let Boil.
Just before serving add the sev.

Kadhi, Sev Tameta nu Shaak, Fansi Vatana Dhokli

Fansi Vatana Dhokli
½ cup…………… frech beans chopped finely
½ cup…………… fresh green peas
¼ tsp……………. turmeric pwd
1tsp…………….. dhania jeera pwd
½ tsp…………… red chilly pwd salt to taste
2tsp……………. oil
½ tsp………….. musturd seeds
Pinch hing
¼ cup………… whole wheat flour
Pinch turmeric
Pinch red chilly pwd
Pinch carom seeds
Salt to taste
1tsp ……………oil
Mix all the ingredients and bind a dough ,a little harder than chapati dough.
Pinch mini balls and flatten with hand.
Keep aside.
Heat a pan.
Add oil.
Add musturd seeds and hing.
When musturd crackles add beans and green peas.
Add salt and turmeric.Saute’.
Add 1 cup water.Let boil.
Add the prepared dhokli.
Boil till cooked.
Add rest of the spices and cook on slow fire for another 5 minutes.
This should have little gravy,so if you feel the water has dried up add some to get the right consistency.
Serve hot garnished with coriander.

Gor Papdi / Sukhdi   Leelva ne Kachori
Kachumber Salad,Chutneys,Mirchi

The meal was cooked for the whole family,but the Bhaakris and Rotlas were made only for the shoot..ofcourse later when we sat to have dinner more Bhaakris were made.

Preperation of Thaali…
Sukhdi……………………..1day in advance
this stays good for more than a month so can be preprepared in advance ,though for best results is served right after it is made.
Leelva ne Kachori…..1day in advance
time consuming recipe ,like samosas,but normally Gujratis freeze these kachoris as Leelva danas are available in winters only.
Chutneys…………………1day in advance
Cooking this meal took me about an hour..four burners at one go and the Khichdi goes into the rice cooker.

This Thaali goes to Valli’s Thaali Mela

Kaathiawadi Thaali

33 thoughts on “Kaathiawadi Thaali”

  1. I had a hard time trying to pronounce some of the names, i gave up after the first few as my eyes were fixated on the pictures….and my stomach is growling big time after seeing this thaali…my god you are the thaali girl. Amazing …waiting for your other thaali creations.

  2. You are absolutely fab!! I was still drooling over yesterday's thali and now another amzing presentation… loving it. .looking forward to the rest of the week… Hats off!

  3. Thank you friends..
    Jayanthi…I have the same issue with the south ka cuisine…:))))
    Mirelle..I have given a detailed explanation of the dishes served so you can understand.
    Valli..this week when we went for lunch the spread was even wider…lavish…n everyone just enjoys it.

  4. This is so wonderfully prepared. My MIL feeds me with these delicacies whenever she is cooking…there is something special about the region as I guess it is a land of foodies…your dish and presentation and recips are mind blowing

  5. I wish u stayed near by…we could have had these kind of thalis often…hats off for ur patience dear..I just love gujrati thali..but like u given a chance I also would prefer punjabi..but every thali has its own taste..:)

  6. Vaishali… I humm what to say can not move my eyes from those pictures. just simply superb would like to try that Fansi Vatana Dhokli think this one is a perfect side dish for roties for me every thing looks so delicious and love the presentation with flowers…

  7. Vaishali, i m coming home!!!!! What a delicious Spread, i have few Gujarati friends here, they make delicious dishes and they keep saying Gujarati ladies we always be in the kitchen!!!! 🙂

  8. I had no clue about all these information about Gujurat.. All i knew was food tilts towards a sweeter side.. the thali is mind blowing.. I look forward to all the recipes.. farsaan kachori.. all the roti's can't wait fro the coming days 🙂

    Ongoing Event : WTML

  9. Wow!You have explained the meal so beautifully Vaishali. Such an elaborate thali is for for a festive occasion. Very tempting array of foodstuffs…

  10. Kindly share all the recipes of this thaali. they look great. without the recipes, it is just good to look at, that's all. thanks

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