I have always been fascinated with Gayathri’s baking and one day while going through her blog I saw this monthly eggless baking  event. Well it surely is interesting to know various ways to do eggless baking. I have always baked eggless , but with restriction, I have never tried using things like egg replacer or silken tofu. Have always wondered  about substitutes…so this was my good chance to learn.So here I am with you guys with my first trial at this bakers den.

Coming to Lamingtons, these are a Australian dessert which tastes wonderful.I love to watch cookery shows..they are like sneak peeks during work hours.On one of these shows I saw these, but since I hardly bake (what do you do when you have to avoid sugar!…Butter!! and APF !!!)…so just forgot about them.When Gayathri announced this month’s challenge, I recollected that video..which was not an eggless cake..so I tried a new eggless cake…a cake baked in a pressure cooker!!..again recipe from TV shows. Here goes the recipe….

For the cake
1cup…………. all purpose flour
¼ tsp………… baking soda
½ tsp………… baking pwd
¼ cup………. sugar , powdered
¼ cup………. condensed milk
¼ cup ……….butter
½ cup ……….milk
Vanilla extract
Sift  the flour, baking soda and baking pwd.
Beat butter and sugar.
Add condensed milk.
Add milk and vanilla extract.
Add the sifted flour, mixing gradually, till all flour is used up.

Line and dust a cake tin.
Pour the batter in the tin, tap lightly.

Place 1 cup salt in a pressure cooker and put it on slow fire.
Place the cake tin inside and cover the pressure cooker with the lid..remember..to remove the whistle of the cooker.
The cake shall be done in about 30 minutes.
Check by inserting a needle, it should come out clean.

Chocolate sauce
½ cup……… water
1cup ………..sugar
½ cup……… cocoa pwd
Boil the water with sugar.
Let this melt.
Add cocoa pwd.
Keep stirring till a little thick.
Remove and cool.

Dessicated Coconut

Cut the cake into 1’’x1’’ square pieces.
Dip one by one in the chocolate sauce.
Roll these in coconut.
Chill and serve.

To remember
The cake should not be crusty, in case you feel it is getting brown cover the cake with foil, thus reducing the heat.
If the cake is crusty , it will not be able to absorb the sauce.
These lamingtons turned out really delicious.The sponge was very soft and I was happy with my first trial on cooker sponge cake too.


These Lamingtons go to Vardhini’s Bake Fest at The Pumpkin Farm and Gayathri’s WTML at Sizzling Tastebuds.


9 thoughts on “Lamingtons”

  1. Its just superbly mouth watering…. and dear u r not alone when u say avoiding sugar, butter and APF. Though we love baking bt eating the final product all alone specially when therz no one to share is a giant task both on tummy and ourself ;-D

  2. Wow…just browsed a few of your recipes..you are awesome Vaishali, you have created such a wonderful space here. Missed meeting you last time. Best wishes for all your endeavors and good health. Love and hugs to you.

  3. Sanjeeta,well I must admit that the credit to my achievements goes to you..as you inspired me to get back my lost passion…I had given up..you kindled the fire..so Thank you so much.It makes me feel happy to get a feed back from you..trust me:))..well lets hope we meet this time you are here.loads of love.

  4. I cant believe you baked this cake in a Pressure Cooker, it seems so light in texture. I have never tried a cake in cooker before, looking forward for this new venture now.

    And yes, you are right !! What else can you give up when you have to control Sugar, butter and APF :).. 😛

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