I love to try out new cakes and breads provided I have a perfect eggless recipe.Working on a egg recipe to make it eggless truly is a challenge for me.I guess that is why I joined this Eggless Baking Group which is Gayatri’s baby.When the challenge for this month was announced, I kept racking my brain, as to what egg substitute should be used in this recipe.I decided to order egg replacer,the safest !!,even though I have never worked with it. unfortunately it was out of stock..so what could be my second option? I was dicy about condensed milk…would have to change some proportions…so I worked with flax seed powder.We dont get ready cream cheese, so decided to make it myself. Well here is my trial with this bread.
¾ cup ……….dry coconut
I used the whole dry one and chopped it into slices
100 gms…… cream cheese
4tbsp ………..sugar pwd
Combine cream cheese , sugar and coconut flakes, mix well.
1cup………… sugar
½ cup ……….soft butter
½ cup ……….milk
3tbsp………. lemon juice
1tbsp………. lemon zest
1 ¾ cups… flour
1tsp………… baking pwd
¼ tsp………. salt
2tbsp……… flax seed pwd dissolved in 6tbsp water
(This is the egg substitute,  replace 1egg with 1tbsp flax seed pwd dissolved in 3 tbsp water)
Preheat oven.
Mix butter , sugar and flax seed mixture.
Beattill creamy.
Add milk, lemon juice and lemon zest.
Continue beating.
Stir in the seived flour along with baking pwd and salt.
Once again beat.
Spoon half of the batter into a loaf tin.
Spread the filling.
Spoon remaining batter over the filling.
Bake for 50-55 minutes at 180deg.
Remove when golden.
Cool  completely.Do not demould till completely cool.
Serve with coconut slices,lemon zest and sugar glaze.
Glaze / Garnish
Coconut slices
½ cup ……sugar
1tsp……… butter
Few dorps water / milk
Mix butter  , sugar and a few drops of water.
Place on fire , let the sugar dissolve and let it reach to the glazing consistency.








The bread turned out amazing, I have always loved citrus flavors, and this lemon flvor was a real hit.The only thing I was not happy about was my mould, I filled it up, a little too much and the silicone mould lost its shape.I had to trim the sides a bit.The edges were a little extra golden, but that did not hamper the taste.The filling tasted absolutely yum!!..To tell the truth , we all relished this bread, yes only the coconut haters…they wanted it without the coconut!!..but I am enjoying the bread, I love munching on it every now and then..is’nt it okay to indulge into such treats once a month?..agree??..Go ahead and make this treat!!


Lemon Coconut Bread for Eggless Baking Group

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