BM # 19   Day 1

For the last week of this BM , I shall make meals which shall be cooked in  almost 30 minutes, may be less!! Cooking requires a little bit of planning and it is done in a jiffy.I normally work with 3 burners at one go.The microwave and the kettle help in reducing the cooking time.

The first day…I have a typical Sindhi winter lunch. Winters is the time when we have loads of fresh green garlic and fenugreek, so we make these absolutely delicious rice. They just need a raita or curd to go along but all Sindhi’s are very fond of potatoes, so its kind of a  ritual to make them. I also made some karonda stir fry. These are little berries, which are tangy and used in pickles.To know more on karonda check  here. Chaas, papad and pickle accompany the wonderful meal.

1tsp………. mustard seeds
1tsp ……….garlic chopped
1tsp………. green chilly, chopped
¼ cup……. fresh methi leaves chopped / kasoori methi*
¼ cup……. frozen green peas
1cup ………rice
¼ tsp……… turmeric pwd
Salt to taste
Heat oil.
Add mustard seeds. Let splutter.
Add garlic,let it turn golden.
Add green chilly and methi leaves.Let them wilt.
Add rice ,peas, and spices.
Add boiled water and transfer to rice cooker.

Karonda Stir Fry
Adding a drop of oil in a pan add karondas , and one or two whole green chilly.
Add some salt and cover and cook for about 5 minutes.
How I prepared this meal
Wash rice, put the kettle to boil.prepare the tempering for rice and transfer to rice cooker. The tempering shall take about 10 minutes, since you have to prepare fresh methi.
*we use kasoori methi and dry garlic in summers for the same rice.
also fresh green peas can be used in season.
while the rice is being cooked, make the potatoes and the karonda stir fry.
The potatoes are going to be cooked on slow fire , so in the mean time chaas  and papad can be made.
The rice shall take about 20 minutes and in the meantime potatoes will be done too.
Your lunch is ready!!

Sending it to Valli’s 30 minute mela ,Sangee’s Show me your hits at Cook’s Joy

Methi Mattar wara Chawaran / Fenugreek, Peas Pulao

15 thoughts on “Methi Mattar wara Chawaran / Fenugreek, Peas Pulao”

  1. Such a typical & traditional meal. One thing that really amazes me is how seasonal ingredients and weather change/ affect the temperings, spices etc. in a dish. I don't think we(from AP) have as many variations to the same dish — may be because our seasons are not as varied as the north.. But very interesting to know the differences.
    That plate looks tooooooo good.. DELICIOUS.

  2. Wow, this all can be whipped up in 30 minutes? That Karonda is something that I have never laid my eyes on. Maybe I must have when I was young-ish..It looks new to me.

  3. Hi Vaishali, I am cooking from your blog this week for BM and made this rice dish today. It was a great hit with our family. Thanks for the recipe yaar…

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