Summers is the time all want to go for a vacation…with grown up children I have no issues of school…but yet a holiday is needed probably to get away from this heat.We just got back from a holiday and am having another holiday..a break which is indeed welcome ..staying at my mom’s place.a short break but a wonderful one!!

I nearly gave up partcipating for this month’s Magic Mingle, which is Kalyani’s baby. Initially had no internet, but even when I knew the magic ingredients I could’nt think of doing a post…I  did not have my camera!!  Ah but blogging sure is an addiction..I decided to use my dg cam and there you go…this post is done!..Must thank my who taught me these patti samosas for which I a made the stuffing.Here goes the recipe…..
The crust
1cup ………..all purpose flour
2tbsp………. oil
Water to knead
Salt to taste
Seive the flour.
Add salt and oil.
Knead to a semi soft dough.
Keep aside to rest for 15mins.
Paste to stick the samosas
2tsp all purpose flour
Adding water to the flour make a thick paste.
¾ cup….. moong daal ,soaked for about 2hrs and then boiled with salt and turmeric
2tsp…….. oil
¼ tsp…… cumin seed
Pinch hing
1……………green chilly, finely chopped
¼ tsp…….red chilly pwd
A pinch black pepper
¼ tsp……. garam masala
¼ tsp……. mango pwd
¼ tsp……. coriander seeds
¼ tsp……. fennel
¼ tsp……. ginger,vey finely chopped
Coriander leaves
Mint leaves
Salt to taste
Heat oil.
Add cumin seeds,coriander seeds.hing and fennel.
Add green chilly and ginger. Saute’ for a min.
Add the boiled daal.
Add all spices and mix well.
Add coriander and mint leaves.

Preparing the samosa strips and filling the samosas
Make balls from the dough,as making for chapatis.
Roll into discs about 4’’ in diameter.
Place one disc, apply little oil and sprinkle some flour.
Place the second disc in the similar way on top of the first.
Place the third disc.
Roll lightly .
Heat a gridle.
 Lightly cook this chapati on both sides(this has to be done just for a few secs)
Cut into strips.
Seperate the strips and keep them covered.
Roll and make strips from the rest of the dough in similar way.
Once these strips are ready you have to fill in the stuffing and seal them with the paste 
Deep fry adjusting the flame from medium  to hot.
Alternately brush them and bake.
Serve hot.
Please refer the pics to understand the folds.

placing one disc on top of other

rolling the pile of discs

cutting into strips after roasting lightly


first fold

making a cone ..second fold

filling the stuffing and the third fold

fourth fold…from here on just go on wrapping…..

after the strip is over apply paste and seal

These samosas turned out super yum..really crunchy and slightly spicy!!

Moong Daal Patti Samosas

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