Kitchen is the place where we in India spend quite a bit of time and so I believe it should be the best place,well organised,well lighted  and suiting our personal style of cooking.The size of the kitchen  sure is important,but getting ourself organised is more important.In our discussions in the previous marathons we discussed the kitchens and placements of different gadgets.I have been requested by my fellow bloggers to do a post so here I am with my kitchen.

This is the main cooking area,where I have my gas stove with four burners. The microwave and oven are in the corner.The oils and ghee are on the shelf ,which are very handy.I have cabinets below the counter which store the masalas,pots and pans and pressure cookers and everyday crockery.
This is the same counter ,this side I have placed my rice cooker,and different boxes are stacked in the draws below.The two big windows overlook the garden and give plenty of lighting.
The third window gives me a sight to the wash yard ,..which is also my parallel kitchen normally used for chopping and bulk cooking.
This door leads to the backyard ,where we have a parrallel kitchen, and just behind this I have placed my mixer It seems tedious to go out and grind ,but since this job is done by my staff I prefer to keep it out.The splattering of tomatoes …gave some modern art to the kitchen…and hence this placement.:))
The back counter is the breakfast or the tea and milk area,has a stove with two burners,a kettle .The drawers below store everything to do with breakfast….cup saucers,breakfast plates,snack toaster,pop up toaster,hand blender and of course the pots for milk and tea.
Adjacent to the counter is the store and the frig.

Coming back to the first counter I have a slim cabinet,which stores my everyday requirement of daals ,nuts and refilling of spices.

The draw below the main counter with everyday spices .These are labelled for easy access and since they are labelled I get to know as to what has to be refilled.

a special draw for herbs

The store with open shelves,where all flours,rice and the basic day to day stuff which is normally stacked in overhead cabinets.It becomes easy to pick up due to the open shelves.

The extra packs of pulses,different flours,sauces…etc etc….are all stored here.
 The coffee maker ….weighing scale and other gadgets which are not used on daily basis  are placed in the walk in  store.
 This is a special corner where I place all different international ingredients ,the sauces,syrups.The ingredients which are not in everyday use.
As for me I am quite happy with the space in the kitchen. I designed it myself ,keeping small details in mind. I am specially fond of the slim cabinet where I get a glance of almost everything in one go. Since we have a joint family four people can work comfortably at peak hours without banging into each other!!

My Kitchen

17 thoughts on “My Kitchen”

  1. Superb. It looks as though it is from Good Housekeeping magazine. Jeeeez. I envy you big time for this spacious kitchen of yours. Thank you for sharing your kitchen space and giving up nice ideas for my new kitchen.

  2. Thanks a ton ….I had always been fond of a spacious kitchen and we decided to build our new house..the kitchen was The Priority….I worked hard on designing and took measurements of the jars n just about that we dont waste space….and my three year designing course in Interiors….helped me..any guidance needed… ..any time….:)

  3. Absolutely LOVE it! You have really spent a lot of time and effort in designing this :). Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this :). I love everything about this kitchen, but love the slim cabinet and the oven shelf the most!

  4. Hi Vaishali ..i just saw your kitchen photos..what a lovely one… i am so jealous of your kitchen and the way you have maintained…

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