BM # 27   Day 17
Seasonal : Winter

Spinach or Paalak is a green which is really green and fresh in winters. The taste and the look of the spinach is definitely different from the summer spinach, which comparatively looks dull . It is during winters that we make these Parathas, which are stuffed with spinach and a wee bit of tomato. These are a specialty of my MIL , which with time we have taken over. How ever hard I try, I am not able to please my family, with this paratha. They all like it, but…yes this the exact word used..but ……nothing like mummy’s. I have changed the shape of paratha, MIL makes it in the shape of a cal zone, I prefer to make a rectangle. So a special spinach stuffed paratha for 17th day of this marathon.

500 gms spinach, picked, washed and finely chopped
1 tomato, finely chopped
1/2 tsp red chilly powder
1/2 tsp mango powder
Salt to taste
After washing the spinach, place it in a colander.
Add all the ingredients to the chopped spinach.
Mix lightly with hands.
The spinach should be in the colander only which should be placed on top of a pot.
The water released from spinach and salt can also be used to seal the edges of the paratha.
1 cup wheat flour
Salt to taste
Water to knead the dough
Add salt to the flour and knead a semi soft dough.
Let rest for 10. Minutes.
Making the paratha
Divide the dough into two parts.
Roll one ball into a disc.
Apply ghee, pinch salt, red chilly powder and rub with your fingers,
Dust some flour on this.
Place half the spinach stuffing in the center.
Dust some flour again.
Fold the disc from left, and then right, covering the center stuffing.
Seal the sides,
You can use water to seal the sides.
Pick this carefully and roast on the gridle.
This paratha has to be roasted on slow fire, as the spinach is raw and needs to cook.
Once the top and bottom are cooked we have to cook the sides,
This can be done with the help of a rolling pin.
Please refer the pics.
Apply ghee or oil on both sides.
Once the paratha is ready, open it up…carefully because the steam will be released, drop in a chunk of butter.
Enjoy while it is really hot.
We normally do not serve anything with this paratha, if you wish you could serve curd .
I have served this with fresh turmeric which has been pickled.Fresh turmeric is available only in winters.

 Pickled Turmeric,

De skin fresh turmeric and cut into matchsticks.
Add lemon juice and salt to taste.
Leave it for two to  three days and then consume.
Once it is ready, place it in the frig, it shall stay good for weeks.

Paalak Paratha

18 thoughts on “Paalak Paratha”

  1. Very interesting one Vaishali..Once I made with aloo paneer stuffing like this..I am not sure if I can eat so much palak in one shot, however I love this idea..

  2. What a beautiful way to make this paratha!! LOve the shape, the way you cooked it and the presentation. Btw, palak is my fav and love to add it in many dishes.

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